my experience w/ a leviathian r+ephedrine+incarnate for cut

  1. my experience w/ a leviathian r+ephedrine+incarnate for cut

    I took Levithian Reloaded w/ Eph, then pre and post workout incarnate. I also used holy basil extracts in the morning and post workout to control cortisol levels.

    Start Stats
    Oct 13th
    belly (at biggest part)- 34 3/4"
    arms-17 1/4"
    Butt/Hip (at biggest part)- 42 3/4"

    weight 206lbs
    max bench-305
    max deadlift- 435

    Finishing Stats
    Nov 17th
    belly-33 1/4"
    arms- 17 "
    Chest- 45 1/2"
    Butt/Hip- 40 1/4"

    weight 194lbs (down 12lbs)
    max bench- 315
    max dead-435

    My diet was not spot on until Oct 23rd when I began to count calories everyday in a log, by this point though i was already down 5 lbs

    I stuck to a calorie restricted diet at 1700 cals/day, weights 4x a week and cardio 6x a week. My cardio started at 600 cals burned per day until Oct 30th when I cranked it up to 800 cals a day. By Oct 11th I upped it to 1000 cals at 6 days per week. All cardio was done at 3.5-4mph at 10% incline, split up between fasted in the morning and post workout.

    my lifting was
    m- pec/tricep
    t- upper back/bicep
    fri-deadlift and core

    Overall, I am very impressed that with such a calorie restricted diet I maintained this much muscle and my weights for all my exercises essentially went up. I am done w/ this stack now and am just using Incarnate, holy basil extract and tribulus to try and hang on to muscle until I reach my overall goal (a bruce lee shredded 180lbs at 5ft9). I may start an eca stack in 2 weeks to kick start those last 10 or so lbs I have to go, not sure yet though the cardio and diet seems to be killin fat and i'm not trying to go catabolic.

  2. Good to see the results. Leviathan is by far the most effective fat burner that i've been reading about. I've never heard a negative thing as of yet. Good going on the progress too.

  3. congrats happy to hear that you drop some pounds and didnt really lose much muscle thats always a good thing will have to consider leviathan for my cut starting around January 5th time frame when i finish my bulk

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