Thank you!

  1. Thank you!

    Simple and plain. I don't see enough threads of people giving thanks to the advice being passed around here.

    I don't want to bore you with my story and such, but i'll just say I was wearing a size 38-40 as recent as may depending on the brand. I had been eyeing a pair of True Religion Jeans since well. .. thats been my benchmark. I'mma fit into them eventually. Hey my girl likes the brand!

    using some of the diet tweaks here.

    Especially breakfast

    Packet of plain oatmeal, scoop of unflavored protein, tablespoon of flax, portion of unflavored yogurt, cup of skim milk and a banana for taste as my first meal of the day.

    Then eating a solid meal 2 hours later etc.. .

    I am now a size 35 in the waist and am still working to get down to 218LBS which is my lean body mass I was told. And have on my first ever pair of WAY overpriced jeans. It sounds silly but I am forever in debt to you guys.

    So again, cheesy yes, but thank you!

  2. yea i owe thnx to many persons on this forum. I've been reading this forum ever since i got into weights (which was about 7 months ago) and only recently post to ask specific stuff

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