Help With Cut

  1. Help With Cut

    Im almost off my cycle of Test. I tried once to loose fat and keep muscle. I failed miserably. The Palumbo diet is not for me. Im a Meso/Endo.

    Naturally, i'd be fat. The gym/diet gives me a balance.

    My only plan towards cutting is my overall calorie intake -15% and load my diet with BCAA

    Im currently 220 on cycle and still growing from 185. My maint. is about 3200/cals ED.

    Any Advice?

  2. Well you start cutting your calorie intake i would suggest dropping about 300-500cals it depends on your activity you do during the day, if you wanna really lean out and possibly loose muscle eat 500cals less a day for the first week and then keep dropping some, but first you gotta find out your stationary metabolic rate than you can find out what amount of cals you have to get to, to loose weight my friend, also if you got the bread get yourself a fat loss cutter dude, Lipo 6, methyl ripped, hydroxycut, leviathan, hot rox theres many of them get one of those and you will start to cut but continue to hit them weights kid hope this helps good luck

  3. hit the gym in the morning and do low intensity cardio at night before bed. in addition switch out the diet. less starches and more veggies (corn, green beans, carrots, broccoli, etc). i honestly do not think your maintenance is 3200 kcal (my opinion). but yes drop the calories by 500 kcal. you can do this by eating more veggies as suggested. best of luck to you sir!

  4. Well, 3200 is for my weight/height with no activity. My job is active. I am a merchandiser, I lift cases of products, etc walk around stores, etc. push and move. If we're putting that into the calculation make it 4800 calories.

  5. do not put your job into consideration when calculating kcal. do you know how to calculate your resting metabolic rate? i dont know your age but im just gonna assume your between 24-28. your body requires roughly 2000-2200 kcal just to go on your day. i dont think your job or your efforts in the gym are burning another 1000+ kcal. im not trying to prove anything. im only suggesting maybe you should drop the kcal to about 500 above your RMR. do this through better foods. im interested by this so please reply back. i look forward to it. i hope you reach the goals your looking for.

  6. According to shapeup d0t org Your resting metabolic rate is 2054 Calories per day

    im trying to keep my muscle, not lose it.

  7. The palumbo diet is basically a straight keto diet with no carb load. I would try UD 2.0, or somethign along those lines. You may need that carb load to help the muscle retention.

    It's more extreme in terms of cravings, appetite then the Palumbo diet just b/c of the caloric and macro variations involved on a weekly basis.
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  8. but your also trying to cut. you cant cut without decreasing kcal (and thats either through diet and/or cardio). the last few months i started cutting back to my RMR kcal and got rid of the carbs and traded them in for good fats and started doing low intestiny cardio... now i have never looked better in my life. never been this lean. good luck!


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