Cant lose weight

  1. Cant lose weight

    Hey I have somewhat of a problem. I am 6ft4 and at one point was shredded around 5 percent body fat but only 185 pds. This was in 2002, 03 and 04 and 05. I always was able to lose weight by doing cardio after my weight session. I was 21-25 during that time span. From about 2006 on I got serious about putting on some mass and went from 185-236 with a slight gain in body fat. I am now 28 years old and m trying to cut down to a very lean 205. I have been hammering the cardio. My problem is since last spring I went from 228 to 215 and am stuck. I am alot leaner than I was in the spring but still have some body fat to lose. I am looking for any suggestions to kill that last 10 pds I want to lose. I am half tempted to use dave drapers tuna and water diet again but would rather not.

  2. clen & t3

  3. I have had some success with CKD.

  4. JON, I am not familiar with the CKD diet. What was the protcol you used?

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