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    I'm gonna start a CKD to get my body fat down to around the 6% mark (hopefully). I just read BodyOpus so I know pretty much what I'm doing wrt the CKDing. However, I wanted to know what to do after I reach my target bodyfat. Do I just go back to my regular diet (more or less an isocaloric diet) straight after the final carb up? Or should I ease my body out of "CKD mode", so to speak? Also, is it ok to use Clen during the CKD? I dont see why not but it only really mentions fat burners in the isocaloric diet part of the book.


  2. i would replace 1 p/f meal with one p/c meal every 3 days or so. I have used clen while on a ckd with no issues too, but this was after a PH cycle. Check out for a good board dedicated to ckd.

  3. I would read Lyle's new book, The Ultimate Diet 2.0

    A traditional CKD and BodyOpus will work to an extent but Lyle really tweaks it out in the new version. Basically cuts fat down a lot and elimintes saturated fat, and staying in ketosis is njot recommened (its just a side effect)

    Be warned though, this is NOT easy. It is very taxing and difficult but it will shred you up.
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  4. Has anyone here tried UD2?

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