My approach

  1. My approach

    I posted this originally at but it got very little repsonse. Mainly, I believe because most individuals just do not want to take this approach to life, nutrition, and training. I think consistency and changing you lifestyle is key. I have done this in my life and it has really helped me in just about every aspect.

    Battling fat is a concern for just about everyone. Whether you are fighting fat accumulation for aesthetic or health reasons or anything else, one thing remains the same. To effectively lose fat and keep it off, one needs to make a change in lifestyle.

    Losing fat via short quick diets just are not effective. They do work in the short-run. However, I challenge you to ask yourself, are you really concerned about the short-run or the long-run results? To achieve long run results, means changing the lifestyle you have lived thus far.

    Life style changes are not easy, but the easiest way to accomplish a lifestyle change is day by day. In the beginning, each day seems difficult but after some time(in some it may be a month and others 1 year, etc) it will no longer be a thought. Rather, it will simply be the way you live.

    The method that you approach weight loss is up to you. I do not promote or advocate any particular method. However, I believe that the best method is via healthy eating and regualr exercise. Well, "of course" you say, "everybody knows that". This may be true but few people really practice it. Take a look at exercise, lets say the average person misses 3 workouts a month and i think that is conservative, then that is 36 workouts a year. I promise you that this makes a difference. So skipping workouts or cheating on meals week after week is not really making a lifestyle change. This is where many fail.

    Individuals also tend to fail at reaching goals b/c they rely on too many things. Some people rely on "fat loss diets", "losing X amount of lbs.", "having X bf%", "supplements", etc. While all of this things can be useful in losing fat they are not necessary. What is necessary is my point to this thread, a lifestyle change. A lifestyle change should be your main concern and everything else simply looked at as lagniappe or extras.

    Please work hard to reach you goals and do not rely on bf% or lbs. lost. Rather rely on how much better you feel. I know it sounds cliche but it is really ture. Most of the individuals that I have helped with weight loss, always tell me about how different the body "feels".
    Here is why I saw not to rely on %BF:
    (Taken from another thread I wrote) I was just posting my opinion on body fat testing because I always read so many different things about bodyfat testing adn people claiming Xbf%. First off, I have been tested by just about every method and I have tested people, this includes hydrostatic weighing, bioimpedance and calipers. Bf% range greatly just simply by who is performing/running the test. Typical individuals ahve not been trained how to accurately run the tests and the person getting tested rarely has the guidelines to follow before testing. People often claim that hydrostatic is the most accurate but this is not always true. A noviceadministrator has great trouble reading the scales at the precise point thus leading to an off measure. Also the subject often can have trouble fully expelling all air from within the lungs which is a must. Therefore, while this test can be very good, it can also be very off. Another method of testing, bioimpedance, also is not always a good measure because certain guidelines must be followed before testing if one wants the results to be accurate. This including fasting for 4-6 hrs before the test and the body must be at a proper state of hydration. Also you have the caliper method which again can give various results depending on who is doing the measuring.
    My suggestion is that if it is that important to you then get all 3 done and take the average. However, what is really important to me at least is that I am satisfied with my physique when i look in the mirror.

    When I think of fat loss or muscle gain or lifestyle changes, I think it is best to take the mind set of a marathon runner rather than a sprinter. Changes that last are made over time and continuous effort.

  2. I cant agree more with everything you say!! I work with weight loss much more than weight gain and these people rely on crazy opinions of lbs and bodyfat to the extent that it gets ridiculous. 1 thing I would like to also see people judge thenmselves by is how they look naked in the mirror to themselves. I know it sounds weird but honestly most people except for medical reasons loose weight for this one goal!! to look better in front of a mirror naked. Again great thoughts on dieting.

  3. Whale...........I always try to encourage this. it is so simple yet the majority just seem to not want to believe it b/c it seems "too simple".

  4. Hey SIZE, great post man!

    I've always been athletic and played sports (baseball/football), but I've always been heavy..Everyone in my immediate family is heavy, and when I first started bodybuilding, I used "bulking" as my excuse for looking fat. The main reason why i'm writing all this bull**** is because over the last maybe 5 months I've lost around 50 pounds (from an all time high of 245 to 187 on a good day). While I am very happy with how I look, I am amazed at how much better I feel. Life is so much easier now. When I park my car, I try to park as far away as possible, and now of my softball team instead of having somebody pinch run for me, I'm the pinch runner.

    Fat has never done anybody any good for any reason!
    BTW, I'm posting before and after pics in Jan.

  5. Good job mate.

    Being fit gives your body a great "feeling", not to mention a nice self esteem boost.

  6. Great info Size..

  7. Old thread but I truly believe this and I encourage it as often as possible. One thing that has always pushed me is a simple quote, "If you aim for nothing you will hit it everytime".

  8. Very good read size, the lifestyle change is what separates those who achieve their goals and those who fall short

  9. all so true. i've just realized lately (after about a decade!) that inconsistency has led to less than stellar results. i'd work myself into a frenzy for a period of weeks & then be so relieved at the end that i'd do nothing or eat wrong, or drink booze on the weekend. like 3 steps forward & 2 steps back over & over. i'm trying to have a more daily approach now.


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