Im a 21 years old
11,5%body fat
on my 5week of my first cycle (boldenone with winstrol)
(winstrol comes in my next week)

Cardio= 5days a week
weight=6days a week

best diet strategy to cut up:

week days

protein and cals per days:
1- 2500 carb load
2- 2000 cal
3- 1500 cal
4- 2500 carbo load
5- 2000 cal
6- 1500 cal
7- 1500 cal (rest)

1500cal days:---
190g protein
65g carbs (vegetables)
55g fat (gooood fats)

2000cal days:---
245g protein
85g carbs (vegetables)
70g fats (good fats again)

2500cal days:---
210 protein
80 carbs (vegetables) + 120g of carb load carbs
65 fats (good fats) + 30g of carb load fats
(carb load in last meal)

its my initial plan, but i post here to get advices of more experience guys....please fell free to good advices hehehe

I can add more calories on fell days of the week(2500cals W/O carb load on rest) or cut up more (but cut more will be counter productive i think) ...thanks guys