UD 2.0 and CKD cutting up help

  1. UD 2.0 and CKD cutting up help

    Ok so I am aftes some advice from people. I have just done a bulk. I'm 20 years old. I am looking at cutting up for january. Right now i basically, have low carbs on non work out days and moderate carbs on work out days.
    I am looking at doing a form of CKD, I have a pretty low body fat.. not sure what it is, but people tell me i look good with a shirt off, i want to take it to the next level. I train monday wed friday normally, so 3 sessions a week. I have read the UD 2.0 by lyle macdonald and its very interesting but i just dont think it works as i don't plan on changing up my workouts.

    So perhaps just a basic CKD would be good for me, or could i use the UD 2.0 but with my normal workouts (lyle suggests 4 high intensity 2X15-20, whereas i do 3 high intensity 3X8-10)?

    I just want to get down my body fat and maintain muscle, which is what we all want, but i just need to know the best way to do it.. what plan are most of you following?

    Any help or ideas for me would be great, i'll be starting it on the 22nd november.

  2. I've used the following:

    UD 2.0
    Anabolic Diet (for a short time now)

    All three produce relatively similar results (good results). I personally really liked UD 2.0 with the prescribed training plan he lays out.
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  3. Right now i'm doing CKD. Royd is right, they are pretty much all the same thing. AD incoporates problem solving techniques from TKD programs. UD 2.0 is a very specific program and doesn't work for people who prefer their own workout style.

    My best suggestions right now would be to first, know what your calorie requirements are. Read one of the major CKD books, UD2.0 and The Ketogenic Diet by Lyle McDonald and Anabolic solution (for bodybuilders or powerlifters depending on what you want). Lyle McDonalds Ketogenic Diet book gives a great deal of information on keto diets and is a great base for information.

  4. ive read the UD 2.0 got a good deal of info from it, but yeah i just don't know if i'm ready to change my workout routine as i just got into something i like. but i am definately ready to change my eating habbits to something like he lays down. can a CKD work good for me on a mon wed fri workout scheme? so whats the best thing for me to read other than the UD2.0?
    thanks guys

  5. What does your current split look like? If your working out three days a week, you could do something like an upper body day, lower body day and fullbody depletion workout. Other than UD2.0 you could use a regular CKD diet or the anabolic diet.

  6. yeah i could be happy doing an upper then lower then depletion. i just read http://mesomorphosis.com/articles/mc...genic-diet.htm that article was pretty good. im guessing the CKD and AD and UD all are pretty simple, involve a 1-2 day carb up after low carb high pro and fat 5 days? i think i'm just guna jump into a normal CKD for now.

  7. Ad and CKD both use a 5 day low carb and 1-2 day carb up. The most updated AD book suggests going 12 days before your first carb up.


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