Critique Plan

  1. Critique Plan

    Im trying to cut. I weigt 235 lbs. and im 6'1. Im not sure about body fat but my guess would be between 15-20%. I have a gut and want to get lean for summer (6 months from now). My work out rooutine is:
    Mon. Chest and tris.
    Tues. 30 min. cardio in the morning on empty stomach
    Wed.back and bis
    Thurs. 30 min. cardio in the morning on empty stomach
    Fri. Legs and shoulders:good
    Sat. off ( should i add cardio?)
    Sun. off ( should i add cardio?)

    Reps: 8-12

    my diet for one day is as follows :
    Meal 1: old fashioned oats with water and slice of toast with peanut butter.

    Meal 2: Chicken breast with brown rice.

    Meal 3: Chicken breast with brocoli.

    Meal 4: PWO shake: 46 grams of protein and a banana.

    Meal 5:lean steak or chiken breast with brocoli.

    Meal 6: fat free cottage cheese with blue berries

    Any adjustments you recomend would be greatly appreciated.

  2. I could help, but I would like more info.. Do you consider your self Meso,Endo, or Ecto? Also could you maybe break down how much of each item you are taking in? If you could break into fats/CHO/pro that would be great!

  3. My body type is in between a endomorph and mesomorph. I dont keep track of the exact amounts of food i intake. Whats an easy and convinient way to keep track? I want to start keeping track.

  4. the diet tracker right here on Anabolicminds

  5. What do you think of my work out routine? Is there something else you would recomend? I could go to the Gym up to 5 times a week.

  6. Im not to sharp with training, so I will wait for some one else to come by and check that out.

  7. training wise for a cut. i usually do 3 times in the gym. cardio 2-3 times a week. Stair master, running outside. all the good stuff. i will typically either run a 5x5 workotu with it for 15-20 rep sets.

  8. To add on to workout, you can swap your fasted morning cardio for HIIT, and possibly add 30 mins of low-intensity after your workout.

    For Sat and Sun, adding just 30 or 40 mins of low intensity cardio would help a little bit, but I think it would just be personal preference. You could also just add HIIT on Sat or Sun morning.

    You could do fasted HIIT, but you would need BCAAs, and I'm not sure what else, or if that would be it, I guess just wait for someone with a lil more knowledge on cardio to fix it up

  9. Pre workout meal, I'm guessing that's the chicken and broccoli, I would add in some other form of carb, maybe brown rice there instead of the broccoli.

    As for cardio, as long as you don't have knee problems I would suggest HIIT on non-training days. I don't know why people do fasted cardio, I especially wouldn't do fasted HIIT ever. I'm a big advocate of HIIT for a few reasons.

    Increased glycogen efficiency
    Positive hormonal increases
    Increased metabolism due to EPOC


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