HELP! A real diet needed!

  1. HELP! A real diet needed!

    I have been around the forum here mostly reading in the cycle areas and power lifting. I have recently finished some stuff and am now ready to really clean up my diet. I guess what I am doing here is throwing out what I have been doing for some feed back from some of you guys who have some more experience than I in this area of life.

    I am a big guy. Always have been. I have a power lifters build and am not a big fan of cardio. I do probably 45 minutes a week to warm up before we lift. I understand that this is not nearly enough to really make a difference in my body shape but it gets me warm before we hit the weights.

    As I am getting older and my body is starting to creak a bit after years of heavy lifting I am seeing that I don't need to carry all of this extra meat. I want to shed some weight but try and maintain a lot of this hard earned muscle and strength that I have built. It is the age old problem of losing fat and keeping muscle. I weight right now about 300lbs. The ultimate goal would be to go to about 250 ish. I graduated college at about that weight and 8 years later I am here.

    So after all that I will post up my intake on a regular day.

    Meal 1- 6 AM
    shake 230 cals 48 g/pro 7 g/carb
    1 cup old fashioned oats 300 cals 10 g/pro 54 g/carb
    1 cup 1% milk 13 g/carb 8 g/pro

    Meal 2- 10 AM
    Shake same as above

    Meal 3- 12 PM
    Turkey sandwich 4slices Boars head ?? on the breakdown
    on 1 piece of Stone ground wheat bread
    90 cals 17 g/carb 4 g/pro
    squirt of mustard
    1 cup 1% cottage cheese 180 cals 10 g/carb 26 g/pro

    Meal 4- 3 PM
    Greek yogurt 110 cals 15 g/pro 12 g/carb

    Meal 5- pre workout
    BCAA'S and a fruit. usually half an apple.

    Meal 6- Post workout
    Shake- same as above

    Then about an hour later I have dinner. This roates between turkey meat, lots of chicken, fish and rarely red meat. I try to shoot for about 60-90 g/pro in this meal while keeping the carbs as low as possible. If I do have carbs its brown rice or some other veggie. I try to keep my last meal very low in carbs as all the activity for the day is done.

    And during the day I take in about a gallon and a half of water.

    The weekends are not as scheduled as the week which is where I can struggle but I don't get that far off track. I do have a salt weakness. Chips and salsa!

    So that is it. I hope to gather some information and feedback from any and everyone who wants to throw their opinion in. Don't be shy as I am seeking all points of view.

    Thank you in advance.

  2. CK/Anabolic Diet mega thread

    Worked wonders for me. Anabolic/metabolic diet designed by a powerlifter. Check out Anabolic Solution for Powerlifters.

  3. Thanks bro. I'll be giving this a read for sure.

  4. anabolic diet confusion

    Link to my personal experience with it.

  5. scotty2,
    I just read through your experience and WOW! You had some major success.

    Could you give me a sample of what types of food you were eating? I am looking to piece together some type of program to start soon myself. I have downloaded the DiPasquale book as well for additional information. A nice read so far.

    Thanks for the inspiration. Awesome!

  6. In the initial phase, you have to eat quite a bit, so, eat whatever you need to get your numbers. I eat a lot of red meat, tuna, full fat cheese and mayo, olive oil, eggs, fish oil. Really in the beginning anything goes. As I am now down to 1800-1900 cals/day with 60% protein, 40% fat, I have shifted towards leaner meats and fish oil/olive oil supplementation.

  7. Right on. Thanks for the advice.
    I am going to try and stimulate some type of loss with some new food changes. I will be in and out to update progress and ask more questions for sure.
    I want to lose 41 lbs too!

  8. Anyone else care to comment on my eating habits as of now? Any suggestions on what to change? I would love to hear some type of advice and/or opinion on the plan that I am currently following. Good bad or indifferent.


  9. Anyone else care to comment or offer opinion to my situation? I was expecting more. or are people too hungry to type?

  10. Give them some time, sometimes it takes a little while

    I can't really help on power lifting or your current diet, but I know more about the CKD, so if you decide to do that I might be able to offer a little bit of insight.

  11. I hear you. I am an impulsive guy.

    I would love to get information on all types of plans. So Shadow, if you want to lay down some advice on the CKD by all means let me have it. I have read lots of stuff but feel people who have the experience are much better to learn from than a written paper.

    I wasn't trying to be jerky but I am just ready to make moves. That and I want to know if I am way off base with my current plan.


  12. well i dont know what to tell ya on your eating, if anything cut out a few carbs and cals a day to start, more cardio we all hate it but has to be done, umm weight training instead of doing maybe 6 reps (idk how many u do) instead do 10 reps more of a toning exercise with heavy weights could possibly work.. from my own experience i lifted heavy to gain size but also took supplements to cut fat off and it worked started at 200 got down to 150 plus size felt amazing after my accomplishment, i took supps like: lipo 6, hot rox, and methyl ripped old and new the hardcore version alll worked excellent make sure to eat after eating or you will wanna pass out and start shaking, but that was just how i did it, if you wanna stay supp free just cut back on cals and carbs more cardio and more reps during workout good luck hope this helps a lil bit

  13. Thanks MMAMONSTER.
    Your input is right on. I do hate the cardio like everyone. Though I have been on a higher rep/lower rest between sets program for a while I think the diet has got to be manipulated. I am going to cut some carbs out and see how that goes. I have taken, and will take mupltiple supps in the future for many different reasons. I haven't really found the one that has worked really well yet. I know it is more diet than anything but each little part can help.

    Thanks for dropping in.

  14. I have only been doing it for a little over a month, so someone like botch or ThomasRivera would be the ideal people to ask, that I've seen atleast

    Here's a link from a thread on here allll about CKD: Step By Step Keto Diet Plan!

    Hopefully that link will actually work <_<

    The minuses I have noticed so far:
    -I felt perty weird when I first started, and was thinking about going back to a normal 40/40/20.
    -I had low energy for the first 1-2 weeks of it, and was giving me another reason to wanting to go back.

    The good things I've noticed:
    -After the first few weeks, I had a boatload more energy, probably more than on the 40/40/20 I was doing before this.
    -Once your body gets used to the extremely low amount of carbs, your mind starts to run more efficiently with less carbs, so the deeper into keto you are, the better you feel.

    That's just some general stuff, but you get the idea.
    You basically eat meats, cheese, eggs, veggies(limited a little), chicken, almonds,peanuts, stuff with high fat/protein, and low/no carbs.
    You also have a refeed period, which some people have of 6 hours, some for 24 hours, others for 48. It just depends on what works for your body. You eat the same amount of carbs in the 24 hours, that you would in the 48, they are just split differently.
    You're refeed times are usually at the end of your depletion workout on Friday night, and then end either Sat midnight, or Sun midnight. You have your simple sugars on the first day, and then on the second your complex carbs. You will feel like gold on Sun/Mon, and will usually be able to do a better/more intense workout on Monday than the rest of the week.

    During the week, your workouts will usually be pretty normal, but on Friday you need to do a depletion workout, where you do a full body, with as many muscles that you can get depleted in one workout ^_^ It makes your refeed that much better when you do a depletion workout because it leaves all your muscles "empty" and when you begin your carb up, it all goes to refuel your muscles.

    That's most of the basic stuff I know/have learned, and if anyone sees anything wrong, please let me know

  15. Thanks for all that insight and info Shadow. I appreciate it greatly.
    I will read the link you included as well.
    thanks for the time you put int o give me a direction to look and learn.

  16. No problem

    Good luck finding the diet for you


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