lose fat and get cut

  1. lose fat and get cut

    I'm 38 210lbs. 5ft. 6in. I've worked out off and on for years but never seen much improvement . I'm in Iraq so I don't have much control on what I eat but I workout 6 week and do cardio 2 to 3 a week . I've been doing this workout for about 3 month . I am taking Animalpak and Lipo6 . I am losing a little size but not getting any shape . I would like some tips on what I could do but I don't want to spend a lot of money .

  2. let us know what your workouts look like and even though you dont have much control over your meals, what are you eating like?

  3. its all about cals in versus cals out basically, if you cannot control the diet try boosting the cardio a bit. Give us a better idea of the types of exercises you do, the cardio you do and your diet (what do they have you eating?) for more help. props for serving our country, your the reason we enjoy all the freedoms here at home best of luck to you

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