1. Update.. Help!!!

    I'm back again everyone.. I have achieved some much needed goals in the past month and a couple days. Since Sept. 16, 2008 to current I have cut down 24 pounds and totally reformed my diet and workout routine. I have achieved that sickness and it is growing each and every day for the need to eat healthy and be in the gym. Its motivating to finally see some muscle poking out through that still unwanted fat. I am coming not only as an update but also asking for another set of critiques that can get me into the shape I used to be in. I am currently a police officer and in order to change agencies I must get back into academy shape and have no doubt in my mind when I'm asked to perform these tests.

    I'd like to explain my diet and if you have any pointers or critiques that can put me up to the next level or websites or anything I can read I would love the help. This weightlifting and diet is almost as addicting to these forums!! (Alot of knowledgeable ppl willing to help)

    6am. 1 cup of instant oatmeal w/water.
    2 scoops of whey protein w/water.
    2 egg whites (hard boiled)

    8am. Usually 2 more scrambled eggs.

    10am. Apple.

    12am. Turkey or Chicken breast, or salad w/turkey.

    2 pm. Kashi Bar.

    330 pm. Preworkout NO-Shotgun drink w/10 oz water.

    Post workout: 2 scoops of whey protein w/water.

    7 pm. Chicken or scrambled egg whites. Fish, Turkey or another salad.

    930pm. 1/8 cup cashews.

    I have been on this diet now for approximately 35 days. I have cut most of the bad carbs and sugars out and have substituted turkey burger for all red meat. I am also eating only wheat products in place of regular white bread etc. I am slowly trying to change over to the 100% healthy dressings and lose the croutons and cheese. I use mostly water with my protein shakes but substitute sometimes with skim milk.

    My workout has definitely improved drastically from my usualy 2 days a week with minimal cardio. I am currently doing fasted AM cardio 3 days a week on days when I'm not lifting my legs and have been doing about 40 minutes of HIIT cardio about 4 days a week. I absolutely feel great on the treadmill and bike now that I have been doing this for a month. I have done alot of research on the HIIT and it seems to be working for me. I am in the gym about 6 days a week but only hitting one muscle group per day ( i.e. shoulders on thursday, bi/tri on friday and so on) I spend about 1 hour and 15 minutes a day in there. I've noticed I've dropped about 2 pants sizes and my duty belt had to be changed because of the weight loss and I have also noticed that my stomach isn't bulging under my vest as much as before. I am very motivated now though to get rid of my B cup that I gained during my fat times and start to develop some pecs that I can be proud of!!

    I have to be able to run a mile and a half in 11:58 and do 40 sit ups and 33 push ups in a minute. (two seperate minutes) I have a test on the 12th of November that I really would love to pass. Any other info that I could change in my diet to help me shed the few more pounds I would like to feel free to critique away!!

    Thanks again guys for everything!! The next test is to get a body fat caliper and determine just how much weight I am actually getting rid of and how much fat I have left to lose.
    Right now I'm currently 24 years old, 6'2 and weight 216. I graduated high school at 170 six years ago, so I know I've packed on the pounds because I was at 241.

    And as long as I'm stronger than I was yesterday that means I did work!!

  2. wow

    you are going very low calorie for a 6ft 200+lb guy!

    and you seem to be at low carbs too. a cup of oatmeal (pre-cooked), would be about 50 grams of carbs, an apple 20, a kashi bar 20.

    your total caloric intake seems really low for a guy your size, but if you're losing weight and feeling good i guess continue.

    i'd guess you would hit a metabolism stall eating so little for a guy your size, but I have no idea how many lbs of your 200+ lbs is muscle.

    the only thing i would change is try to partition more calories evenly over the day. your breakfast is huge, but your kashi bar meal is small (but if any meal is going to have to be huge, breakfast is a good one). your pre-sleep meal is just fat, with neglible protein.. i would try to add some slow digesting protein here like cottage cheese or just casein supplementation. you can add the cashews in elsewhere.

    goodluck and congratulations

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