jump roping

  1. jump roping

    Just trying to see if anyone does this for cardio or if people just do light moderate and heavy running/sprints....i tried it today for about 10 mins and it seemed effective

  2. Jumping rope is very effective for cardio. not only does it work your heart and fat loss it also works your legs, calves, arms, and shoulders. try using a weighted jump rope for a while and then go back to a regular one and you will notice a big improvement. i think overall it is good for cardio but i would consider is HIT so don't do it for to long. probably 15-20min.

  3. yeah for cardio it seems to work good for me too. i mean...i ride my bike to school 20miles away and i sprint say...for 1/10 miles intervals...

    but jumproping...dude i get winded in less than a minute. im trying to build up to 15 minutes. right now im at 1 hahaha. my calves burn and my heart is ready to jump out at that point.

    i guess cycling is totally different from jumprope or sparring sessions.

  4. Jumping rope is by far my favorite form of cardio. I've read that 10 minutes at a moderate pace burns the same number of calories as 30 minutes of moderate jogging. I also use it for my HIIT. I'll jump slowly for a couple minutes to warm up, and then jump as fast as I can for 20 seconds, then slow again for 10 sec, and repeat about 10 times. A 1 or 2 minute cooldown and bam- 10 minute HIIT session in the books, and it feels like you did an hour of cardio.

    Its great plyometrically too. Here's another of my favorite routines that will increase calf strength and explosiveness:
    100 jumps at moderate pace
    50 at full speed
    50 side to side
    20 ea. foot one-footed jump
    20 front to back
    20 double under
    50 full speed
    100 at moderate pace
    Do 1 set to start and try to work up to 2 or 3. Its tough.

    Okay rant over. What can I say I love jumping rope.

  5. When I first started out jumping rope was HIT.

    When I reached the point where I could go for almost 2 hours, it was like jogging, not good for fat loss.

    Sprinting or the heavy bag now.

  6. jump rope for 2 hours o wow thats intense I got for a minute and im about to die haha

  7. haha, yeah its a lot harder then it looks aye.

    2 hours is impressive

  8. It's easier than it looks

    Make sure you select the right rope length, I'm 6'0"+ and was using a 9' rope for the first 2 weeks, I thought I sucked....friend told me to buy a 10' rope, I could jump for 15 mins straight without stopping the first time.

    You have to make sure you lift your feet just enough to let the rope pass and your elbows should be close to your body and your hands like a swivel/ball bearings.....it should be comfortable and relaxing, yet working out of course.

    The most common mistakes newbies make and I did all of them are this:

    -Selecting the wrong size rope

    -lifting your feet too high off the ground(bending the knees to jump)

    -Elbows too far away from the body

    -doing the same basic jump which will lead to failure

    You have to alternate jumps, do a one foot jump for 20 jumps, switch foots, jump forward, jump backwards going back to your original position, sideways, crossing hands, if you do the same basic jump, even with perfect form, you'll tire and make a mistake sooner than later, variety is key here.

  9. i just need to work on my coordination i guess im sure once i get that down then it will be much easier i love doing it cause i have pretty descent sized calves and when i jump rope it feels like they are tearing apart after not to long good stuff

  10. I have one of those adjustable ones. still can't go more then 150 jumps without tangling up.

    god im **** haha


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