The god of cutting stacks, Maybe??

  1. The god of cutting stacks, Maybe??

    Tring to put together a really nice cutting stack.I was going thru my arsenol of left overs and i found almost a full bottle of havoc,Started thinking Hummm.
    Here is what i am thinking:
    Levi Reloaded
    Havoc run at only 20mg for some increase strength
    JP8 preworkout

    I would also run the basic's like cycle support,fish oils.I have a proper PCT and very clean diet.
    This should give some insane energy for some crazy fat shreading rock hard lean mucsle.What do you think?

  2. Well with all your PCT in check and a clean diet it all sounds good!

  3. this looks like a really good stack, maybe some CLA also i know you are already taking alot, but i find that beverley internationals lean out stacks really freaking good with DCP

  4. Well i decided to give a try except i am leaving out the napalm until my bf% is lower,Right now i am around 14%.
    Plan on starting this weekend.I will get a log going.

  5. Sounds like a plan. Are you going to log it?

  6. Yep, Never ran a log before so not to sure how detailed it will be.certainly have read a bunch though.

  7. LOL well post a link here. Logs can be fun for a bit. They at least keep you accountable and make it easier to re-read progress tracking and keep it fun.


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