cutting carbs?

  1. cutting carbs?

    I am thinking of cutting carbs out almost compelety for the next 3 weeks? After those 3 weeks how do i load up, will i become bloated all over since cutting those out of my diet??

  2. Do you mean a CKD diet? Or just a quick no-carb go?

  3. Most likely while you reduce carbs your muscles will look flatter than usual, lack of glyocgen will do this. When you carb up, the glycogen is usually supercompensated in most low carb cyclic diets and it gives you a much more full look.

  4. 3 weeks is too long between carb loads if thats what you're trying to do. I run a carb depleted diet and carb up every 18th meal or so (every 3rd day). it's a slight variation of "the cut diet" by CHuck Rudolph. it's worked well for me in cutting fat and staying full and strong. i'm actually getting stronger - deads went from 400 to 550 for example, and i have shed 6% body fat (from 16 to 10%) in about 3 months. that's good for me b/c i'm a fatass that doesn't lose a pound. simply cutting carbs will make you feel like sh*t.'s a tough mental game. i suggest you find a diet program you can stick to. it will make it alot easier knowing your following a program that has worked for people.

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