Gotta Ask......... (Diet Mt. Dew ?)

  1. Gotta Ask......... (Diet Mt. Dew ?)

    Lately i have been Drinking alot of Diet Sodas. (With also Keeping my Water Levels in Check)

    I am also Doing a Cycle of M1T

    What are yalls Takes on The Diet Sodas?

    They Help The Cravings. (If i diddnt have Them id Be Eating Constantally)

    Thanks in Advance!

  2. I survivie one Pepsi One, Diet Mt. Dew, and Diet Dr. Pepper, lol

    If you don't mind aspartame.... they're a godsend IMO Wish they would start putting Splenda in there instead, however

  3. I'm just trying to find a caffine pill in bulk for cheap... then i can drink water all day and still get a caffine rush!

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  4. Diet Code Red all the way
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  5. Now that does sound good Bobo..
    Mainly Diet Coke fan here..

  6. Id LOVE To get Some of That Code Red!!! (Havent seen It here In Hawaii) I Gotta have The Diet Soda though. Good Stuff.

  7. Coke light is my new fave....course thats the only thing i can find over here so im a bit prejucided. But its a lot better then diet coke as its a mix of sweeteners.

  8. im a diet giner ale and diet dr. pepper man...... never really have urges for diet drinks unless im at a restaurant and grubbin' on a fat piece of ground beef. i usually stick with low sugar flavored green tea, like arizona.


  9. I need to Find Diet Mt Dew Code Red.

  10. Just tried Diet Root Beer (Barqs Or something like that) GREAT STUFF!!

  11. Barqs is the best damn root beer... the "one with bite" or some **** I'd have to say diet code red or diet coke yeh... also, am I the only one or is diet coke w/lemon one awesomely tasty beverage? I seem to be hooked on that **** for some reason (when I can find it, not many places have it)

  12. Im more into Diet Pepsi Twist than Diet Coke W/ Lemon.

  13. My one friend was telling me aspartame increases hunger if you consume enough. I don't know if this is true or not, I didn't research it, but do you guys know?

  14. OMG, I can't even remeber the last time I had any kind of drink other than water and beer. WOW, I am so craving Mt. Dew right now. Damnit!! I'm gonna go splurge now.

  15. Diet Coke for me, I shouldn't drink as much as I do, but it gets rid of my sweet tooth.

  16. I Drink a TON of Diet Sodas!! (Along W/ Water)

  17. If you like zero cal energu drinks, the TNTea from Nature's Best (Isopure) is the bomb. It actually tastes like tea, and no diety taste. 200 mg of caffine, too! mmmm

  18. Diet Snapple cranberry drink, raspberry or peach iced tea's are great with like NO diety taste. They also mix well with Vodka!

  19. I used to be into drinking diet pop (that's 'soda' for you Americans ) a lot, but for some reason lately I've just felt like water. Maybe in a few weeks when exams start I'll be downing can after can.

    My favourite is diet pepsi twist, diet coke w/ lemon isn't bad, but it doesn't taste like lemons.

    Diet Sprite is pretty good too because it doesn't taste like diet.

  20. Im telling yall this Diet Mt. Dew is Great!!

    Somebody stop me before i drown!!

  21. Diet Rite Cola...they use Splenda as a sweetner, no aspartame, no sodium, no caffine. Good stuff!

  22. Dew the DEW!

  23. Diet Pepsi >> Diet Coke IMO.

    Minute Maid has a new (in Canada anyhow) drink out that resembles Crystal Light. 25cals in 591mL though, which is alot more than Diet sodas, but I love juice so its good every now and then.

  24. hmm have to check that one out!!

  25. I like Diet Barq's. Pretty good.


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