CUTTIN' TIME...need a lil help tho

  1. CUTTIN' TIME...need a lil help tho

    Ok guys here's the deal. I'm 18, freshman in college and bulked from 135-around 175 over the last two years. I'm not positive of my b/f but i think it's around mid-high teens. I cannot see my abs at all but i'm not obese. When I have a shirt on I look like i could be ripped but not quite so much w/o the shirt

    I'm wanting to drop to around 8-10% so I can see the cuts and get a feel for how much I've progressed over the last two years. I eat fairly clean, not the easiest thing to do in college but I think I do well and I'm not afraid to suck it up and eat a s*** ton of brown rice and chicken breast for a few months. Should I look into getting a fat burner or should I just drop cals and do it the old fashioned way? What fatburners do yall reccomend? Also what ratio of macros should I take in? I was thinking along the lines of 50/30/20 P/C/F but feel free to correct me. I go to LSU and it's a walking campus so i walk everywhere and workout hard for 1-1 1/2 hours 4-5 days a week.

    Any and all help is appreciated.


  2. Can you post your diet? I am in college to facing the same situation... I bulked up but can't see any definition... i would like to take a look at your diet tho.

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