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    I had surgery awhile ago, but I am still out of commission, in terms of exercise. I have gained weight. I don't really expect to lose weight while I can't exercise, but I don't want to gain anymore. I am female, 5'3", and weigh 175 lbs. Before anyone freaks out, I just want to put out there that when I was exercising, toned, healthy, wearing a size 4/6, I did weigh 140 lbs. I am not a bodybuilder, but I am muscular. Unfortunately, I also have a slow metabolism, which is getting worse with age (34 yrs.) and lack of exercise. The problem is that now that I can't exercise, I have no idea what to eat...composition-wise. I know what's healthy, but can someone tell me what % of my diet should be fat, carbs., and protein (given ALL of the above info.); how many calories I should have each day; how much fat I should have each day? I'll need to check back when I can exercise again in a couple of months...

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  3. If you aren`t exercising, I would highly suggest cutting back on the carbs heavily. Definitely keep eating veggies, but try and stay away from big starchy meals (Pasta, Potatoes, White Breads etc). Try and focus on getting lots of good protein and fats, and still try and keep your daily cals low.

    It`s hard to give you a breakdown, but I`d recommend trying around 1600 calories per day. Get maybe 150g in protein (600 cals), 65g fats ( 585) and The last 615 cals from Carbs (Roughly 104g).

    For proper foods and eating strategies, read around in the Nutrition and Health forums. As for supplements, I would suggest Green Tea, CLA and Sesamin ( Essential EFA Stack By: NutraPlanet ) and take about 6-8 fish oil capsules per day. DCP Is a terrific tool to help prevent fatloss (DCP (180 caps) By: RPN ), and there`s fat burners like Recreate and Leviathan Reloaded but I would figure out my diet and perhaps try the Green Tea , CLA and sesamin first.

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