help with fat loss creams

  1. help with fat loss creams

    I've been cutting successfully for about 2.5 months. A huge revamp of diet, and cardio vascular work, and I feel like I'm at the dreaded plateau. I have a few strategies since I knew this would happen. Quickly I'll go over myself and what I take:

    Using calipers, I'm at about 10% bodyfat. All the fat is in my lower abdomen and the sides (yea, pretty normal eh?). The ironic thing is I'm getting vascular in parts of my upper back, my front delts, my calves, etc. All of these were entirely non-existent when I was at 15% bodyfat a few months prior and I've seen people with full 6-pacs that cannot get vascular in areas like upper back and delts.. other than jay cutler that is haha. I wonder if I have a disproportionate amount of fat stored in my abdomen?

    As far as oral supplementation I take:

    EGCG from NOW
    acetyl l-carnitine
    coffee before morning HIIT cardio
    St Johns wort (cortisol support)
    5 HTP (cortisol support)
    Alpha lipoic acid (blood glucose support)
    Bitter melon extract (blood glucose support)

    Other oral supplements I have, but am saving to fight off inevitable plateaus:
    rhodiola (cortisol support)
    relora (cortisol support)
    Lean Xtreme (overall fat burner)

    So what I'm trying to do is get a good topical fat burner now, and start that all at the same time of the second list of oral supplements. Something to really shock the body hopefully. The only understanding I have at this point is I need some kind of topical lotion with yohimbine, because I don't take that orally at all. Otherwise I have no idea.

    I'd prefer to buy from this store, but if not that's fine too. (by this store i mean nutraplanet sorry)

  2. I would look into Lipoderm Ultra, by Avant.

    Lean Xtreme is also a cortisol control supp...I think that is all you will need, as you don't want to overdo those.
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  3. thanks I really appreciate it.

    forgot to mention i take CLA, sesamin and plenty of omega 3s, but I doubt that makes a difference to the cream you suggested.

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