Water weight experiment

  1. Water weight experiment

    Disappointed that most of my gains from this cycle may be water, I tried my own little experiment, having no idea what I was doing, or if it even worked, but here's what I did.

    I recently stopped taking my dbol, so I tried to piss out the water I would have gained from it. I drank a decent amount of caffiene as a diuretic yesterday evening and before bed last night. I only drank about 1 cup of water the whole day besides the caffiene that evening and night so that I could see how much I actually pissed out of my system rather than just my bladder. I took a decent piss before bed, one during the night, and took an AMAZINGLY long piss in the morning that was way more liquid than I had drank in that entire day. It lasted at least a minute and fifteen seconds at a pretty insane velocity. It was notably the craziest piss I have ever taken. Coincidence? Maybe. Again, I don't even know how diuretics really work or how soon, so this next part is an assumption.

    After the 2 normal urinations and the 1 extremely long one, I assumed I had drained my system of a decent amount of water and I still had not eaten that morning so I was looking pretty small. So, to see how much bigger I looked than pre-cycle, without the water weight, I ate a mid-sized carbed up breakfast and drank nothing. So I got my carbs and had filled out and looked a lot bigger than I did when I woke up, and thus judged that this is how I looked minus the water weight I had gained. I still look damn big, so I would be happy if this is what I looked like post cycle, but the thing is, I don't know if this little "experiment" of mine even worked right, but I know someone here does. So if you have any input to give me on this, or if there is another way to "test" myself (besides waiting until my entire cycle is over, which is obvious) then let me know. Later fellas..

  2. Interesting. Props for thinking of that. I wish I would have read this thread after my S1+ cycle!

  3. Quote Originally Posted by GangstaJDog View Post
    It lasted at least a minute and fifteen seconds at a pretty insane velocity.
    ahahahha omg that made me crack up, ahahaha

  4. sounds good but my question is don't they sell pills you can take to lose water weight?

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