low bodyfat potential

  1. low bodyfat potential

    we all know due to genetics, some people are more well off than others as far as bodyfat.

    my question is, there has to be some human limit for low bodyfat right? I mean you can't have 0% right?

    And if there is some human limit for low bodyfat, is it the same among all people?

    I think it would be sad if a person dieted for months, maybe even years only to realize that their body would never hold less than say 8% bodyfat, yet they still wanted to look absolutely shredded. And any further calorie reduction or cardio would just burn muscle tissue only.... kind of like if they died of starvation, they'd die with 8% bf.

    any ideas?

  2. Anybody can get down to 3% if they diet enough. Some people may need to diet more aggressively though.

  3. Getting to 0 percent body fat should be impossible, fat plays a big role in a lot of functions in the body.

    I think it would be different depending on where your ancestry lays. But at the basis of it, its somewhat of a genetic advantage to be able to hold onto more body fat, in times of famine those that have more body fat can live longer off of it.

    I do think its possible for anyone to get to a very low body fat percentage though.

  4. I would say living a normal life @ 8-10% bf is good enough, if it is needed to get it lower it is aboslutly possible.


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