CutDiet and Scivation Xtend

  1. CutDiet and Scivation Xtend

    Hey guys, first post here, be nice

    I've read the gameover diet volume 4 several times now and I'm pretty sure i got it laid down. I'm currently on anabolic diet (dr pascal) but wanted to add the supplements from gameover as well to maximize my diet!

    So here's the deal: the gameover volume 4 states several times that they are not big fans of post work-out shakes and their meal examples doesn't include post work-out shakes either. However, i know that cutdiet and scivation are close and that they promote each other. Yet the labels on the xtend box and the guidelines on scivations page clearly says that you should take about 2scoops xtend post work-out??

    So why would scivation contradict cutdiet like this? Is this something they don't agree on?

  2. I wouldn't consider Xtend a post workout shake. Xtend, for me, is the equivalent of flavored water. Of course it is BCAAs but I drink the stuff constantly. Furthermore, after the workout you should be able to time it so that you can just eat the next meal. Otherwise you're adding in senseless calories that you would get otherwise from the next meal.

  3. I personally used to use Xtend during my workouts opposed to after, helped to keep me going on longer heavy days like legs.

    Also, I wouln't consider it a PWO shake as its more of a BCAA drink mix.


  4. ah yes, bcaa isnt pwo, sounds right, thanks people!

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