critique my diet please..any help appriciated

  1. critique my diet please..any help appriciated

    i was referred this site from a friend and it looks more informative than
    well im looking for some help. i need to get my health in gear. i hope i can find more help here than other sites...
    im gonna give myself a 12 week period to lose at least 40lbs i know that can be done...realistic goal.

    here is what im gonna start with.....
    no xplode
    trying to go every other and stuff make it a lil hard

    breakfast any or all of the three
    protien shake
    1 cup oatmeal
    1 cup egg beaters
    2 slices ofturkey bacon
    1/2 grapefruit

    fat free yogurt

    8oz chicken breast
    1 cup veggies
    or tuna

    fruit or yogurt

    trying p90x
    post wo shake

    8oz lean meat/chicken/fish
    2 cup veggies
    1 cup of brown rice

    cottege cheese

    drinking nothing but water

    fish/flax/borage caps

    this will be my life for the next 3 months....i know i can do it...i need to.
    my gf is actually on board with it and will go to the gym with me and eat the will be easy to have 2 people in the same house working toward the same goal.

    i forgot to 5'11'' m/31 and 324lbs....its been about a week and im down 6lbs......

  2. 3.33lb/week. ambitious goal, but at your stats maybe very possible. watch out for the yogurt, tends to be a cup of corn syrup.

  3. Idk what kind of yogurt you are having, but it should be plain. Like Julius said, sweetened kind tends to be full of corn syrup, and that is not going to help you lose weight at all. Also, you should be eating Whole Fat yogurt, not Fat Free. The type of fat in yogurt is very beneficial to your body, even when you are trying to lose fat.

    While yogurt is very healthy, as well as fruit, they both contain the type of carbs in which you should avoid having in the afternoon. I'd suggest replacing your fruit or yogurt at the 3pm meal with veggies and PB. You should be getting some more protein with that as well. It is the meal before you workout, and it needs to have a good balance of protein, fat and fiber.

    Your 7pm meal contains rice. Since it is the next meal after working out, your body may be able to use it without storing the carbs as fat, but it entirely depends on what your workout is. You only mention doing cardio in the morning. Are you actually lifting weights in the afternoon, and if so what are you doing?

    How many calories are you consuming every day?

  4. so i need to switch to plain yogurt?...what about fruit?
    i dont always eat rice at gonna need to post a log of food so u can get a better idea fo what im eating

  5. Yes, you really need to switch to whole milk, plain yogurt. The sweetened stuff is full of crap. If you want to sweeten the plain stuff, vanilla protein powder tastes amazing. Stevia is a sweetener that is natural and calorie free that comes from a plant. You can add that to plain yogurt as well.

    Most fruits are very beneficial. Some of the best kinds are grapefruit, nectarines, peaches, kiwi and berries. They have a low Glycemic Index and are great to have in the morning. Just like Yogurt you need to avoid them in the afternoon/evening though. Your body won't process them as well at a later time of the day.

    Also, don't be afraid to add some healthy fats to your diet. They can promote a healthy hormone profile that, in and of itself, can help you lose weight. Go for fats like olive oil, avocado, natural Peanut butter, nuts, unsweetened coconut, imported or organic dairy products. They taste awesome and they are great for you!

  6. thx still working on the list trying to get all the cals, f, p and carb

  7. if u must eat yogurt i recommend you try non-fat greek yogurt. it is delicious and if u do want to add some fruit or granola u cud. just watch the calories. but ya go greek yogurt.

  8. No, go organic, whole yogurt. It is a natural source of CLA and Omega 3's. It is a healthy fat that is going to help you control your weight and also aid in the absorption of the calcium and fat soluble vitamins. GO FULL FAT WHEN IT COMES TO YOGURT! You really don't want to avoid healthy fats! When i first started eating healthy I was 33% Body fat and I avoided eating good healthy fats because I thought that eating any fat would make me fat. Now I have healthy fats 6 times a day with every meal and I am at approximately 21% Body fat and going down. I'm not starving myself, I am eating 2200 Cals a day. It shows that FAT IS GOOD FOR YOU IF IT IS THE RIGHT KIND OF FAT. By eating the right amount of healthy foods, you will lose weight.

  9. ok here is my meals for today....

    breakfast..................... fat carb pro
    multigrain instant oatmeal.................150 1.5 33 4
    1/2 grapefruit.................... ..............40

    youplait lite fat free.......................... 110 0 20 6

    chicken breast strips........................ .120 3 0 24
    pico de gallo with 1/2 avacado............150
    100 cal snack......................... ..........100 2.5 16 2

    chicken breast........................ .........120 3 0 24
    1/2 cup brown rice.......................... ..150 1.5 23 7
    1/2 cup black beans......................... .105 .5 23 7
    peppers/onions........................ .........40

    snack later tonite
    1 cup cottage chz........................... ..160 0 12 24
    2tbls BP............................ ...............180 15 8 7

    quick addition its only about 1485 cal a day...i did the daily cal requirment on this is it..

    Step 1 - BMR Based On Weight

    For Men: 1 x 147 Kg x 24 = 3527

    Step 2 - BMR With Bodyfat Percentage Calculation

    Taking your bodyfat percentage into account, your adjusted BMR is 3174 calories per day. This is equal to 132 calories per hour.

    Step 3 - Total Daily Calories Burned

    Adding in your activity level, we times your BMR by 1.65. This means that your approximate total calories burned each day is 5238.

    Step 4 - Macronutrient Breakdown In YOUR Diet

    Now that we know how many total calories need to be consumed each day, where do the calories come from? Based on your BMR, Activity Level and Athletic Category you need:

    Protein Grams: 242 Grams Per Day.
    Protein Calories: 968 Protein Calories Per Day.

    Fat Grams: 87 Grams Per Day.
    Fat Calories: 786 Protein Calories Per Day.

    Carbohydrate Grams: 871 Grams Per Day.
    Carbohydrate Calories: 3484 Carb Calories Per Day.

    it seems alot and they way im see it im eating about half of goal is weight loss am i on the right track...please please help me!

  10. Basic metabolic rate (BMR) is how many calories your body uses a day just existing. Just to maintain proper metabolic function. If you move at all, walk at all, do anything at all, you will burn remarkably more than those 3000 cals.

    This is reflected in your daily calorie expenditure (i.e. the 5238cal). You're a big guy, just moving is going to burn a TON of calories, you cannot eat like a 80lb woman and expect to remain healthy while losing weight. You are on a starvation diet and are going to lose muscle, bone and tissue mass just as much as fat, which will kill your metabolism, strength, energy, immune system, sex drive, mental capacity and stamina, etc.

    Take your daily expended calories (5238) and subtract 20% from it. That is how much you should be eating so that the weight you lose comes from fat. Being of a particularly high bf% you can increase this if you find it necessary, but by no means do you EVER eat less than your BMR.

    You only want to lose fat, not muscle or anything else, because that lean mass is what is keeping you alive and even burning fat, and the more lean mass you acquire, the more fat it will burn. So focus on losing fat and keeping lean mass by not eating such a small amount!

  11. so what would u add or subtract....any suggestions

  12. You should be eating about 4200 calories a day. Try that for a couple of weeks and see monitor your progress. You can lower your calorie intake a little, if you need to, after that time has passed. I wouldn't recommend going any lower than 3800 for the time being until you drop some more weight.

    Remember that as you drop your weight, your BMR is going to drop as well, so you will need to change your diet accordingly.


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