Hey you guys,
I go by Biggz and i'm from the Tri-State Area.

I found this forum by searching around and you guys have a really nice site here.

A few weeks ago i made the commitment to fitness.
i am unreasonably out of shape.
i am about 5'8'' and weigh in the neighborhood of 290 lbs.

i started working out on a daily basis, rotating these two routines every other day:

Jog 1 Mile
4 sets of 10 Incline Flyes
4 sets of 10 dumbell Bench
4 sets of 10 dumbell pullovers

Jog 1 Mile
4 sets of 10 Squats
4 sets of 10 curls
4 sets of 10 raises

i also include crunches throughout the day

as far as my diet goes, i have regulated my calorie in-take and every day i replace a meal with a fruit shake made from scratch.

you guys are a lot more hip to this game than i am
do you think that i can make this more effective or is this a good plan?

thanks in advance