doing HIIT on empty stomach in morning

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    doing HIIT on empty stomach in morning

    Hi, new here. In a nutshell, I'm cutting and doing a low carb diet. Not keto, about 75-100 grams a day, with 200-250 grams of protein and 50 grams of fats.

    I've been trying the HIIT on an empty stomach in the morning and I like it because it energizes me for the rest of the day. I've been ttaking the following before my HIIT:
    bcaa - 7 grams
    glutamine - 7 grams
    green tea
    acetyl l-carnitine 2 grams

    I read that just leucine is what most take before cardio, but I read somewhere else that the aminos should be taken in proprotion to one another, so if too much leucine is taking at once, it can degrade the absorption of the other bcaas, any truth to this? I'm going to keep the entire HIIT session at about 26 minutes, so maybe I don't need to take anything at all?

    My plan is also to workout in the evenings, so I'd do HIIT in the morning, and the weight training would come about 8-10 hours later. I noticed some people swear by doing them on different days, what are the thoughts on that?

    Thanks everyone,

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    don't need to take anything at all

    This has been beaten to death, some people say you need BCAAs, some say a protein shake, some say a meal, some like me, take nothing before HIT in the morning.

    Do HIT on an empty stomach, if it's not working for you, then take some BCAA's or protein or something, it's that simple.

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