getting my 1.5 g's per lb.

  1. getting my 1.5 g's per lb.

    I'm trying to gain as much as possible but still keep it lean and was wondering...How much of a difference will I see in muscle growth if I increase my protein intake from about 1.25 g's per lb to around 1.5 or 1.75? also, to do this, could I just take in like 2 or 3 more whey shakes or should it come from whole foods (I'm eating a lot already, I just think the whey would be more convenient, as I am taking 2 packets met-rx original mrp a day along with my food) would it fill that protein gap in the right way? if not, got any suggestions?

  2. There is no 'golden number' that is a fit for all for protein intake. I've heard everything from 'anything over 1g per pound is a waste' through 'at least 400g a day for gains'. It really depends on your body composition, diet, and metabolism.

    I would suggest adjusting your protein in increments of .25g per pound per day and monitoring your results over several weeks until you find what works best for you.

    I generally follow the rule of 'at least half your protien intake should come from whole foods'. I also believe you need to break it up over several 'clean' meals a day to allow for proper absorbtion. To do this you really need to plan your meals and prep your food in advance.

    I am currently in my bulking phase, weight 217, and follow these general guidelines:

    6 meals
    4200 calories per day
    320g protein per day
    MRP shake in the AM
    4 whole food meals
    MRP shake in the PM

    Hope this helps!

  3. I do normally 1.5 grams while bulking or cutting, try to drink 2 gal. of water as well.

    But my professor says .7 grams per pound should be the max , I don't buy this BTW.

  4. I noticed that a lot of people are either at one side of the spectrum or the other on the protein issue. My trainer is like your prof. too, He just doesn't want to feel bad later on like it was his fault if something happens to my kidneys..(even though im taking the 1.5 of the protein without him knowing) lol

  5. Originally posted by corteztk1982
    I noticed that a lot of people are either at one side of the spectrum or the other on the protein issue. My trainer is like your prof. too, He just doesn't want to feel bad later on like it was his fault if something happens to my kidneys..(even though im taking the 1.5 of the protein without him knowing) lol
    If your trainer shows you a bunch of reputable studies saying 1.5 grams are gonna destroy your kidneys than cut down. I personally hven't found those studies so I'll stick to what's working for me. There is just so much misleading info from the medical community and the media, I have personally seen this in my exercise physiology and athletic training classes, yet they don't even this proof in the freakin textbooks which cost me $150 each dammit, I want more for $150 a book LOL.

  6. There was a study (I believe by Lemon) that showed 1g/lbBW created the same gains in lean mass as 1.5g or somewhere around there. This was an 8 week study, and the group that had 1.5g/lb|BW actually had slightly higher protein synthesis rates compared to the 1g/lb. So yes, protein synthesis will be higher with more protein, although it won't make much muscular difference, at least not in the test subjects.
    I'd consider carbohydrate manipulation your best friend, insulin is a more readily manipulatable hormone that you can use to your advantage. Having enlarged muscle cytes because of glycogen storage will lead to higher levels of aminos driven to them.

  7. Dr. Lemon: Exactly. Their protein synthesis rate was higher at the 1.4 pg/k level. This would indicate 1.4 pg/k was closer to what they need to consume than the .9 pg/k, which has been the universal recommendation. So this would clearly suggest that if you consume the current recommendation and you're a bodybuilder, your results are going to be sub-optimal.
    MM: What happened when the consumption went from 1.4 pg/k to 2.4 pg/k?
    Dr. Lemon: That's really interesting, because protein synthesis did not increase further. This suggests that at least in that population, the 2.4 pg/k exceeded the optimal amount of protein. So, we concluded that somewhere between 1.4 pg/k and 2.4g/k would be optimal. That fits in with some of the other work we've done with other measures, such as the nitrogen balance technique that indicates an intake of about 1.6 pg/k to 1.7 pg/k is optimal. If that's all correct ---and you'll get a debate from some people because some of this work is fairly new ---then it means that bodybuilders may be correct in their interpretation that their protein needs are higher, but they're not as high as they think they are. As you mentioned earlier, many of them consume diets in excess of 2 grams per kilogram, which would appear to be excessive.

    Everybody ought to read this article:


    Dr. Lemon: You have to remember that this response may be linear, as many bodybuilders assume. Increasing dietary protein may improve muscle growth up to some point, and then there may be a ceiling point or plateau. Beyond that there may actually be some adverse effects. I know what you mean: if 1.6 pg/k or 1/.7 pg/k is good, then 2.5 pg/k or 3.0 pg/k must be better. Right? In fact, it may not be. It may be good to go from .9 pg/k to 1.8 pg/k or so ---whatever that optimum is ---but after that there may be no more gain, with this possible exception: Unless you're ingesting another anabolic agent that may allow you to benefit from more protein. But we have not done those types of studies.

  8. Good read EBE, may have to give that a shot down the road and copensate for that protein with oatmeal


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