losing weight.... i think

  1. losing weight.... i think

    Hey guys,
    i started cutting a few weeks ago, lost some initial pounds. but my question is that i weighed the same the past two weeks, same measurments but look quite a bit leaner. is that possible? or better yet has it ever happened to you?

  2. just means you are gaining muscle at the same time.
    Muscle weighs more than fat so if you work hard enough you can actually go up in weight and down in bf%
    SFW and GFH

  3. Normally it would be very hard to gain muscle on a cutting diet unless your body is not use to heavy workouts. Not to say it is impossible but many fight to keep what they gain durning bulks (muscle wise) during a cut.

    Best way to tell is take a few pictures of yourself and keep dieting away! They will be your best source on progress. Your weight is not the best way to tell how much fat you have lost.

  4. yea, its kind of a funny scenario. My diets not on check to be honest. im in a defecit, but not getting near enough protein normally. yes i know thats not good. but none the less, even others have noticed i have leaned out. but like i said my weight hasnt differed to much.

  5. Well I don't know what your goals are but a strict(er) diet may be in order to bust away fat.

    When cutting I nomrally in that I drop 10+ lb in water within the first week. After that it is a pretty slow process getting rid of fat. It requires heavy weight training and a watchful diet.

    The thing to watch the most (IMO) when cutting is your calorie intake. If you drop it too low and your metabolism grinds to a halt then your got going ot be losing any weight/fat. Eat to many and fat loss will not be as quick.

    Keep in mind lean muscle burns fat so while it has more weight it will also help you burn that fat at the same time!



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