Forgive me, I tend to like to research as much as possible instead of asking for direct help, however, I have scoured these boards as well as google. Everywhere I look, I see everyone's recommendation for T3 dosage and schedule, however, I can find nothing solid for T4. I have decided I want to run a cycle of T4. I'm looking at 3 weeks, with a gradual increase and taper off. All I can ever find is that T3 is 4x as more potent as T4, so go by that. Too much assumption in that, so I'm looking for guidance. Looking to do this cycle in about 2 months. Thinking of running with Havoc, using prescribed dosing and schedule as found in these forums, with AI Cycle Support. PCT would include Nolva as well as AI Post Cycle Support. Now, as for the T4, I was looking at running this concurrent with the Havoc, both for 3 weeks (does 3 weeks sound good?). To provide thyroid support, and as T4 PCT, I was going to run USP Labs Recreate. If I do this, should I start the Recreate at the beginning of the cycle, mid cycle, or at the end of the T4 run? Any help and info anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


**This is my first attempt at thyroid meds, and really want to try T4 instead of T3, before anyone asks...**