please critque lean bulking diet

  1. please critque lean bulking diet

    Meal 1 600
    1 cup oatmeal dry
    8 egg whites
    2 scoops muscle provider

    meal 830
    8 oz extra lean red meat
    spinach and greans

    meal 11:30
    5 oz chicken
    2 TBSP Newmans dressing

    meal 2:00
    1.5 cans tuna fish
    3 TBSP newmans dressing ( 16 grams good fat)

    415 pre workout meal
    1/2 cup oatmeal or 4 oz sweet potatoe itslighter on stomach !!
    2 scoop muscle provider

    500 workout

    post workout
    8 egg whites
    2 scoops muscle provider
    1.5 cups oatmeal dry
    1 TSP EFAS

    an hour and a half later
    8 oz chicken
    10 oz yam
    2 cups veggies

    before bed time
    8 oz lean turkey burger

    NO fat becauase of insulin over lay from other meals possible


    1. would ALA at 500 mgs be needed post workout 1 and post 2, may be at breakfast as well
    2. cardio is going to be 2 HIT session (meals with be p/c for first three meals then P/f till I goto bed) on these days

    pre HIT cardio nutrirtion
    30 minutes prior before
    25 grams whey isolate/ 2 rice cakes ( to have glyocen available)

    post HIT is
    Same as meal 1
    and then follwoing p/c for next 6 hours tamperin to protein and fats for remaining meals

  2. No EFA's PW. For pre bed meal try to get some cassein protein from a source like cottage cheese and add the EFA's then too. since you dont give a breakdown of P/F/C its hard to tell but i think it looks like you need more low GI carbs earlier in the day - as salad\veggies does not provide many.

  3. cottage cheese destroys my stomach, there are plenty of veggies in there from meal 2-4 2 cups at each serving may throw some kideny beans in there as well forextra fiber or some strawlberries. I may subsitute for meal 3 P/c such as chciken and 10 yams with veggies with 500 mgs ALA. If i'm going to have al those carbs for post workout then there may be an over lying insulin spike why there is no fat present in Bed time meal

  4. Hey there hard, what's up! Ain't seen ya around much! How's the competitions and such coming along? I had a pm here, and came to read it and saw ya, so thought I'd holler.

    Anywho, holla @ me on my board if ya wanna talk


  5. PF and PC meals? Are you a Berardi Disciple?

    All proteins (esp whey isolate) will create an insulin response when ingested.

    Fat can store itself independant of insulin.

    Eating any type of macronutrient activates hormone sensitive lipase, which regulates mobilization of bodyfat.

  6. What is your source of EFAs? Is that some fish oil caps or flax oil?

  7. Got 3 rd in golds classic Lost to poltics and Eastern USAS i will be fully prepared !!


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