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    ok here it goes. I've been cutting for about 2 month now and i dont know if im doing it right or what but it looks like the only place that i still have fat is all around my stomach. all of my other parts on my body doesnt seem to have alot of fat compared to my stomach. Im getting frustrated.I know it takes dedication and hard work but dayum, fat around the stomach takes a LONGGGG time. right now, im 173 lb, 6'1 and by the time im done cutting to where i want to be at, ill be like at 150lb or so , scrawny as hell. Is it possible where i clean bulk taking in around 3100-3200 calories and do cardio 3-4 times a week to burn off fat around the stomach and still get that bulky look? I know your suppose to limit cardio during bulk but i just want to get the fat off.and if i do this, what kind of diet do you think will be suitable for me? any help would is appreciated.

  2. you wont manage to bulk and loose fat at the same time without either spectacular genetics or possibly taking certain supplements. Your best bet is to figure out where you are bodyfat wise, and if you are below 12% go ahead and do a slow bulk instead for a few months, then return to fat loss.

  3. Take Alpha Lipoic Acid with all meals.
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  4. ya i know for sure im not under 12% BF so i will prolly continue to cut cutting is so pain in the ass and what is that Alpha Lipoic Acid suppose to do with every meal?

  5. well, then still a short LEAN VERY controlled bulk for a month could help restart the process. maybe shoot for just 300-400 cals over maintenance for a month, expect to gain less than a lb a week. but then returning to fat loss should be a little easier, and will have shocked up your body some.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by toyoxrunner20 View Post
    and what is that Alpha Lipoic Acid suppose to do with every meal?
    regulate healthy blood sugar levels, which may improve insulin response and help drive nutrients to muscles instead of fat cells.

    although it is more expensive, you might also want to check out na-rala.


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