first time clen user

  1. first time clen user

    it is going to be my first time running clenbuterol. i picked up 2 200mcg/60ml and am thinking of starting to assess my tolerance doing 2 on 2 off..ive also read you can extend it to 3 but i wanna see how i react first. my question is, how should i diet on this? should i carb cycle? i know i should eat clean and i am going to, but how do carbs effect the compound? or should i just keep it minimal the entire time?

  2. Ensure you diet is perfect to get the most out of your clenbuterol cycle.

    I personally don't think the macros matter so much until you reach single figures BF, most important is your total calories and how spaced apart your meals are.

    Ensure breakfast is your largest meal of the day and make the remainder of your meals as close to equal numbers of calories as possible, with 5-6 evenly spaced meals depending on how many calories you have to budget.

    Ensure your calories are:

    (your weight in pounds) X 17 - 1000

    You can also try not consuming carbohydrates 4 hrs before you sleep. Low fat cheese or eggs makes a good meal to have between this time.

  3. EAT CLEAN, If this were me I would be on a carb cycling diet with a 2 low - 1 no - 1 low -1 no - 1 high carb pattern with higher fats at night and especially on the no carb days, but I would do that becuase i tend to sensitive to carbs and some may not.

    Its my thinking that I should have a diet sufficient enough to attain weight loss before starting any supplements to aid, once you start the diet and the weight starts to drop off then throw in your supps.

    as for the clen do a 2 on 2 off cylce, during the 2 off weeks I used 2 Benadryl tablets nightly to help aid in recovering receptors.

  4. be prepped for the sides :P also, you can dose it all at once but may want to consider splitting your dose into morning and evening. that seems to reduce sides somewhat.

  5. Yeah, when I dose clen I like to take it right when I wake up in the AM and right before my workout. It seems to make my workout much more intense.

  6. i just had my first day of 100mcg. first sign of any sides. i have been getting a warm feeling and energy lasting all day from it but this is the first day i had jitters/shakes. stuff seems legit i think..appetite is way down also.


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