Goal: Burn fat

A good friend of mine who used to be a professional body builder told me I should use Clenbuterol/t3 stack to cut weight real fast. Although he told me it was a fever inducing stack. Don't get me wrong I'm all for getting results, but I don't know about making myself sick to do so. Can anyone verify this? Is it worth running?

The same guy also told me about running Kynosaline. Is that stuff any good?

I've read a lot here about ECA/ECY stacks. Are these as effective as the Clen/t3? I read that these will also allow your muscles to deteriorate faster. Is this true? If so I want to avoid it because I'm already the second smallest guy on my fight team.

A lot of people have recommended the DCP/Lev to others here on the forums. Is there a site that EVER has these in stock? Would this be the best route?

Would you guys recommend running an ECA stack until I could order the DCP/Lev?

Thanks in advance for the help!