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  1. Yes, you should be able to keep mostly all your muscle. You make feel a little weaker during your workouts if that is the case you might want to lean towards the TKD.

    Watch how many calories you take in just because your on a diet does not mean that you should eat 1kcal a day. Find out what your daily intake should be and try to go no lower then 500cals below that.

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    yeah, i never diet down to hard especially since ill be on clen and a like to take a low dose of t3 at 50mg a day.. i heard it gives a minor anabolic effect so i will tkae 25mg in the mourning then usually 25 mg after i lift to increase the protein absorbtion...

  3. its all about controlling carbs at certain times in the day depending on when you lift and do cardio. sounds like your on top of it though man good luck

  4. ohh ok so your saying pretty much run a keto diet... I was thinking along the lines of carb cycling like this

    monday no carbs
    tuesday low cars
    wednesday high
    thursday no
    friday low
    sat. no
    sun high...
    I've used something like this in the past and didn't work nearly as well for me personally as going 5 days no carb with a 2 day carb up (from a fatloss standpoint). I was playing in soccer games at the time though and it did help with energy levels.

    or something similar but catch my drift, i have no problem doing the keto diet but it seems my strength suffered when going on it which is why i didn't like it but if its the best way to preserve muscle and diet then i can easily do no carbs 5 days a week.. i just worry about my strength...
    I'm guessing that you probably didn't tailor your training to your diet which is crucial with a diet such as this. I've seen best results by working out with what my glycogen levels can support. For me, this includes heavy weight early in the week (6-8 reps) say Monday, Tuesday, and maybe Wednesday, and then on Friday a full-body depletion workout with the carb up immediately following. You may also get a greater degree of glycogen supercompensation doing it this way. Think of your body like a dried out sponge at the end of the week...when you perform that full body depletion workout your body is primed to soak up as many carbohydrates as it can. The higher the reps during this workout, the better.

  5. What the Phuck is a Steak-um?

  6. Steak-um's are prepackaged thin steaks that you can buy at the grocery store and keep in the freezer.

  7. Nice! any idea of what cut it is? and what are the portion sizes

  8. I can't tell what kind of cut it is and the package doesn't seem to specify. Each portion is 10g of fat and 8g protein with no carbos.

  9. Nice, ive been cutting and packing my own sirloin but this sounds much easier...

  10. they also make steak-ums that are like .5 inch thick and round like a pork chop, but when you cook them they fall apart into delicious shredded beef. Extra good! I ate lots of them when I was on the AD.

  11. when I carb cycle i do a low,low,no,low,no,high split and this works great for me. I eat 5 meals a day with 50G of protein in each meal.

    on low days I eat 50G of oats in the morning with 55G (2 scoops) of True Proteins whey isolate cold-filtration (has 0 carbs and 0 fat) and 1 cup of fibrous veggies during the day for meals 2 and 3. The last meal of the night a eat somthing with some fats in it like steaks for 96/4 burger or Tilapia, and for meals 1-4 I eat clean protein like chicken, eggs/eggwhites/eggbeaters, or 99% fat free ground turkey

    On no carb days I try to follow the same guidline except to oats in the morning and at the end of the day meals 4 and 5 add in plenty of good fats. You can get these from reduced fat cheese, marinade everything in EVOO, foods mentioned above, nuts, natty peanut butter etc.

    On the high days, I go all out on carbs, eat as much carbs as you want but the trick is to get good whole grain carbs and eat NO fat this day. I usually get things like Healthy harvest pasta, or whole grain bagels and fat-free cream cheese etc. also keep up the 50G of protein for all 5 meals

    While your doing this be sure to take a daily multi and supplement with EFA's. On high fat days I always do cardio at night and the next morning BEFORE eating my first meal.
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    i know how to lose weight but my problem is im scarred of losing size... have you lost size doing your carb cycling routine?


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