red meat question

  1. red meat question

    question: if you buy regular grocery store sirloin steak, cut off the fatty parts and then george foreman grill it medium-rare, then what % (calorie wise) of the result would you estimate is fat?

    reason for question: some experts say that all red meat is pretty high in fat, others say that the leaner steaks are okay, so what's the deal. sorry if this has been asked. i'm not so concerned about the fat for dieting, but i've heard it's bad for the brain, and recently i've been more interested in optimizing my brain function than adding mass, though i still work out 6 days a week (but the gains have stopped).


  2. your best option for steak would be any round, or loin. (eye of round and top round the two leanest, follwed by bottom). Top Sirloin and sirloine (tip) also are very lean.

    Here's a link to compare the calories and fat content of various parts of the cow (3oz)..... you can do the percentage on your own im sure.


  3. Sage ... sweet link bro ...

    Putting that one away....

  4. thanks for the info.


  5. My advice, trim the fat and enjoy.

  6. Nice Link!!

  7. just a tidbit of info. Recent studdies show that there is very nominal effcects on fat content of meat if you cook with fat on then cut it off versus cutting then cooking. As you should know the taste difference is better if you cook with fat on. Also typically a lot easier to cook because of the way fat liquifies while at high temps thus making it easier to not burn the meat. By the way this is true with all meats. Chicken skin on as well.



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