Still possible to take Ephedra?

  1. Still possible to take Ephedra?

    I've done some research and read a lot of things on this forum but I kind of wanted to combined it all here and get a more definitive answer to my questions.

    Now I understand Ephedra is banned but Ephedrine HCL (extract from leaves?) is not. I've read from some people that they take the HCLs and try to create their own ECA stacks, but I've already read that the leaves extract, HCL, are a fraud and are not effective like the Alkaloids were. Is this true?

    I find it odd though that the Alkaloids are banned yet I found Stack Extreme with Ephedra Alkaloids (25mg) 100 caps for sale at $44 online and they ship within the US. Is this false advertising as Alkaloids are supposed to be banned for sale? Here is the description of what it contains: Ephedra Extract (25mg ephedrine group alkaloids), Guarana Seed Extract (200mg Caffeine), White Willow Bark, Hoodia, Chromium Picolinate 100mcg. Am I to assume the Alkaloids in the title of the product is to catch people's attention and it is nothing more than the HCL extract from the leaves?

    Also I am not looking to take this and not do anything else. I already have a work out routine 5 times a week (have worked out, though not constantly, for 8 years) and have totally changed my diet for the last 2 months. I've lost 20 lbs. but am getting to the point, like so many others, where I am about to quit because the results are so small. I want the edge to get me to my goal faster but not be irresponsible about doing so. EDIT: Also like to point out I've never been the skinniest kid on the block nor do I want to get there. I just want to lose my belly and other flabby areas. I'm not looking for a shredded six pack abs.

    Any help and tips regarding Ephedra/Ephedrine would be greatly appreciated!

  2. I've purchased similar products to what you're describing and they don't feel like anything more than caffeine pills. They could be using that other ephedra, a different plant entirely, or their label could be misleading.

    I have had better luck using OTC bronchial dialators, such as primatene, stacked with caffeine (as described in your post)

    There have been many posts regarding Ephedra, try a search next time. Welcome to the board.
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  3. Because an overseas reatiler ships to the US does not mean it is not banned.

    Ephedra/Ephedrine extracts are herbal alkaloids.

    Ephedrine HCL is a synthetic bronchiodilator.

    Ephedra/Ephedrine extracts are often poorly standardized and the active can range, I'm sure, as much as 50% is some products.

    Ephedrine-HCL is standardized for ephedine less the HCL molecule. So 25mg of Ephedrine is 25mg ephedrine less the HCL weight.

    The prodcut your are discribing is entirely herbal extracts.

  4. I have heard more negative then positive things about so called replacements for the org. ECA stack. To my understanding ephdra is banned in the US as a "diet aid" or "performance drug" but is sold as a bronchial aids ie: Bronkaid that is combined with a decongestant.

    That combined with the normal stack seems to have offered people everything the orginal did. Given it is a smaller dose then many where taking it still offers results on par.

  5. So then my new question would be is this product worth purchasing or would I be better off getting a Ephedrine HCL inhaler like Bronkaid or Vasapro?

  6. Are those stats of yours for real. What is your body fat level?

    Taking ephedra or ephedrine will raise BP and body temperature. This can be a serious health risk.

  7. I myself opt for the drug store brand it is a going to give you a good grade of product that you otherwise may lack.

    Please be careful when taking these stack though advil is enough to give people stomach problems and with the raise in BP it can throw some for a loop.

    Lower doses to start!

  8. I just buy Primatene tablets at the drug store. They work great at killing my appetite


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