Keto question RE: Ketostix

  1. Keto question RE: Ketostix

    I have read the posts regarding the CKD, including Bobo's post of Lyle McDonald's article, but I still have one question that was not really adressed in the specific manner that I am after; I just purchased some Ketostix (Bayer brand) from my local pharmacy. They, however, do not just measure the presence of KBs in the urine, but a fairly general concentration of such. For example, based on the color of the stick, there are 6 values given, ranging from negative, to large. The color has a corresponding number, measuring KB in mg/dL; negative being none, the largest being 160 with 4 points in between.

    Here is a breakdown of what I have been doing, in case it is critical to answer my question. I carb up on Saturday, following the guidlines for protien, carbs and fat. We all know the ratios, and I am following it to the letter. During the week, beginning Sunday, I consume ~275g protein, and generally 200g fat. I am consuming less fat to keep my calories down (300#, 20% bf). I keep my carb intake less than 30, and that includes dietary fiber, even though I know it has no effect on blood sugar levels...I just do it to be damn sure. For exercise, I do 35 minutes of cardio first thing in the AM (beginning Monday) on an empty stomach, then weight train in the evening. I do the cardio 5 days and the weights 4. In addition to diet, I am taking a multi, the Anarchy Stack, recently added an EFA supp, whey protein (with water), Swole V2 (I understand this to have no carbs? No sugar, at least), and glutamine.

    My question is this; regarding these particular Ketostix, what am I after, here? What values should I be shooting for in Ketosis? I measured today, and my measurements fell in the middle/higher end (somwhere between 40 and 80 mg/dL). Have I achieved significant ketosis?

    All told, I feel awesome (this is my second full week); I sleep better but not as long, and have boundless energy in the gym. I am just concerned, as I have been on this for a second week, and have seen no actual weight loss, although I have not tested bodyfat levels.

    Thanks in advance for the help, sorry for the gigantic post.
    Don't worry, man, someday I'ma be nobody too.

  2. Keto stix are useless - check out as it is a site dedicated to the ketogenic diet.

  3. Originally posted by goldylight
    Keto stix are useless - check out as it is a site dedicated to the ketogenic diet.
    Thanks; I had checked it before, but not really the message board part of it. I started perusing that portion and found my answers.

    Fawking noobs. We never learn.
    Don't worry, man, someday I'ma be nobody too.

  4. The stix are not useless, just not a fantastic barometer of whether or not you're in ketosis. To clarify, you may be in ketosis and not show on the sticks, whether your urine be diluted, or something else. After a good while, you will know when you're in(rancid piss, awfully foul breath)

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