Running T3 low dose?

  1. Running T3 low dose?

    Curious for some of the T3 gurus out there, if I go no higher than 50 mcg of T3 alongside my fat burner, then will there be any/alot of rebound? I often times read that rebound for about 2-4 weeks after T3 is "unavoidable" but oftentimes the cycles I see run are run up to 100 mcg or more. Hoping for just a metabolic boost from 50 mcg, but a rebound weight gain is the LAST thing I want/need.

    Hit me with the opinions/theories guys!

  2. I've run T3 a lot and I don't fully believe in rebound. I think a majority of the rebound cases you hear about is due to people taking T3 and dieting, then slipping on their diet when they quit the T3. JMO based on years of personal use of T3.

  3. Wow really?

    Thanks SoCo4Fun. Wow, so you've run T3 alot and NEVER suffered even a sluggish thyroid for a week or two following your cycle? Might I ask, how high did you run and did you taper? Or did you find that either of those things made little difference in the process as a whole?

  4. subbed cuz T3 sounds nice
  5. LOL thanks for the sub...

    Hahaha, it sure does, ozarkaBRAND. That is, if...

    A) The positives outweigh the negatives (if any from the cycle I will be running)

    B) The effects can be maintained, as in, little to no thyroid shutdown/rebound. SoCo4Fun says this isn't an issue so hopefully the negatives will be nill.

  6. Sorry for not responding sooner...I forgot about this thread.

    The only time I've had a problem was when I wasn't strict on my diet post T-3. I've ran it all the way up to 150mcgs/day. Through experimentation I've found that a really good diet and 50 - 75mcgs a day is good for me.

    As for tapering, I've ran it both ways. The last time I ran it (a few months ago) I didn't taper up or down. I had no issues with it this way and will probably run it like this in the future.

    Now, I'm pretty damn sure some "expert" is going to come in here and rip on me for stating all of this but I'm just telling like I see it from my experimentation on ME.

  7. you left out how long you ran it for each time, which is pretty critical when talking about suppression/bounceback.

    Probably right tho, run at 50mcg for less than 8 weeks has pretty low bounceback, becuase its also minimally suppressive. 150 ran for that long is different.

  8. Honestly, I've never ran it over 6 weeks. Back in the day when I first looked into it it was only being suggested to run it 3 to 5 weeks with a full taper up and down...that time frame just stuck in my head so I never went much over that.

  9. This is excellent feedback.

    SoCo4Fun, your post cycle diet? Anything specific we should know? Reason I ask being some articles suggest raising carbs and LOWERING protein along with fat. I would think that the opposite would be better, to lower carbs and keep your protein intake in the normal high levels.

    Higher carb levels to me would be a recipe for rebound weight gain if I ever heard one am I right?

  10. I keep forgetting about this thread...haha...sorry...

    I say whatever works for you. Whatever you diet was on the T-3 maintain after the T-3.

  11. I have also ran it a few times with very little problems. I did have rebound one time, but it was because my diet sucked for sure, and I was in a high stress situation for a couple weeks, so I was all out of whack anyways.

    I felt fine the other times, with no rebound per se, and even had blood work done in two instances that showed I recovered fine.

    my dose is usually no more than 50mcg, no taper down.


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