Last bit of fat

  1. Last bit of fat

    Hey Guys, Starting next week I'm trying to lose my last few percent of bodyfat to get some crazy abs going on. You can already see my 6 pack but i'm going for the brad pitt/fight club type of abs. I'm going to throw everything out here. Please chime in if you have any advice or tips. Let me know if you think some of the supps might not be right, or something i should add. Maybe some special training? I'm sticking with non-chemical stuff by the way.

    Diet: Low carb, high protein, med fat. Eat around 50gm complex carbs at breakfast and about 60 post workout. One carb up day a week. Small portions 6x a day.

    Cardio. 30-40min morning cardio 6 days a week. Have about 15gm whey,2 gm fish oil, green tea and Hyperdrive 3.0 beforehand.
    Lifting: Intense lifting with short rest periods and some supersets about 5 days a week. sometimes 4 sometimes 6.

    Supps. Big list here
    -ALRI Venom hyperdrive 3.0-3 caps/day(i can handle that much)
    -Green tea extract. 1 cap 3x a day
    -USP cAMPHILBOLIC- 2 caps 3x a day
    - VIPSUPPS- TargeX. 2 pumps twice a day on midsection.
    ALRI Restore- 3 per day
    NOW Testojack- 2 preworkout
    NOW fenugreek- 2 preworkout
    Resveratrol- 100mg 2 times per day
    ALA- 1 after cardio, 1 postworkout (my only carb meals)
    Cold Fusion. 1 Scoop Preworkout, 1 postworkout
    Fish oil

    Get back to me. Thanks for the help.

  2. All I hear are good things about venom hyperdrive 3.0 I'm gonna have to give it a try some time.

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