Body Fat Reader?

  1. Body Fat Reader?

    I am new guy starting a REAL workout, not just for sports like in high school. Well Im 29yrs old now, i lost 40lbs from weighing 235lbs. I have been doing low to medium intensity and lifting alot more than i ever have.

    I want to start logging my progress and would like to log my body fat % as well. Ive searched the net and all have pointed me to measuring various parts of the body and plugging them into a "calculator" online but i dont feel its accurate.

    Are there any other ways of measureing body fat accurately? Any machines that are accurate that i could buy?

    thanks for any help.

  2. I use an Accu-measure caliper, and it works pretty well. Not as dead on as a machine so to speak, but gets you into a couple percent. They also have digital versions of these.

    Accu-Measure Body Fat Calipers

    Can be purchased anywhere. Run a Google search using: body fat calipers

  3. how do u use them? i have of a 3fold, 9 fold and 12 fold. what is the best and how do u do them

  4. The more points the more accurate. Try doing a search on the internet for skinfold body fat calculations.

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