MY FIRST POST (trying to lose 72 lbs.)

  1. MY FIRST POST (trying to lose 72 lbs.)

    Hi everybody,

    So since July 5th I have been cutting carbs and trying to watch my fat intake. I started at 322 lbs and flabby. I'm now down to 295 lbs and in slightly better shape. I've been working out (not regularly like I should, but when I can)- intense weight training and about 40 minutes of cardio. I've been limiting myself to an average of about 20-25 Carbs/day, drinking about a gallon of water and lots of veggies. I've completely cut out diet sodas (which I used to be hooked on) and have only had 4 alcoholic drinks since I started. Today is my fourth day taking Hydroxycut Hardcore just to help burn a little more fat.

    Basically I want your help and advice to let me know what I should do to go from my current weight of 295 lbs. to a ripped 250 lbs?

    What kind of weight training should I focus on, max weight or low weight- lots of reps? Resisitance tubes (I just bought one yesterday)?


  2. whats your bodyfat? height? keep at it man. 20-25 carbs wtf.. u dont need to be low carbing for a while

  3. Carbs are ok man. In my experience, for the best fat loss limit them to breafast, and post workout. Other than that, carbs from veggies and fruit are good to go in my opinion.

    As far as weight training goes, for fat loss I'm a big fan of full body routines focusing on compound movements: squats (front and back), dips, deadlift, barbell bench, etc...

  4. sorry to leave out that info. I'm 6'3", guessing around 30 % BF since that's what one cheap-ass scale said a while back.

  5. looks good bro...keep it up. my two cents: if its not broke don't fix it. cutting the fat is going to boil down to diet and cardio. for getting those muscles lean i'd start with moderate/low weight at a higher rep range, say 15. nice and controled focusing on peak contractions. just make sure you keep the diet tight as you do not want to your muscles to waste away with the fat, high quality proteins and plenty of aminos!

  6. Awesome advice. Thanks man!

    Along with the carb cutting/fat watching, I've been eating a lot of protein. (eggs, chicken, fish, some beef, but not too much). I'm not going total "Atkins Diet"- eating beef jerky and sausage all day.

    I'm glad to hear you say 15 reps. That's exactly what I've been doing. About 3 or 4 sets of 15 reps. The weight varies so much. I try to set it where by rep #12, I'm fighting for it, but getting it.

  7. well i don't know the extent of your training/diet experience but if you are somewhat of a beginer you should build muscle and burn the fat as well, (still a young buck to many of these guys) assumming your protein intake is high enough. from my personal experience of dieting in my "early" years of dieting i would keep my caloric intake constent to determine how i responded to the macros i would then adjust the ratios accordingly. i am nowhere near a atkins dieter so i won't go any futher there.

    as far as training increasing the weight and lowering the reps would most most def help a beginer pack on muscle mass quicker, once again assuming that you are. another common problem is what i called "over motivated", many guys i see overtrain and i was once guilty of this. as far as muscle buliding up the intensity; get in and get out, focus on your rest and already know from dieting, its not what goes on in the gym but outside of it. you diet all day but only weight train for a hour!

    these are just a few of my basic personal philosophies...sure nothing you haven't heard or thought before.

  8. Well what I'm doing now is new to me. I used to compete in Powerlifting back in the day (about 10 years ago). If I only wanted to get stronger, that would be easy. I stopped lifting when I started my career. I stopped making the time to hit the gym. Well, a decade later, I'm a beginner again. I've never tried to train to look good. I was 6'3" 235 when I stopped lifting. I had no problem going shirtless at the beach and looked good, but I didn't have **** for definition. That was just due to a poor diet I believe.

    Thanks for all of your advice. Any and all help is much appreciated. I get what you're saying about the overmotivation thing. That's usually more of a problem with a diet for me. You know anytime you take on a lifestyle change to lose weight, that first week you're all crazy and you lose like 12 pounds, then the next week you're even crazier and you lose about 6. Then as the weight drop decreases, so does the motivation and by week 4, you're burnt out and dive into a pack of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts.

    Week 7, I think and so far so good. This morning I hit 293. 29 lbs. less than where I was a month and a half ago. Very few cravings and even more exciting than what I read on the scale is the way I feel- energy level, flexibility, overall mood!


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