Losing last few LB

  1. Losing last few LB

    Ive made a decision to cut to around 184. I have been cutting for several weeks and i believe I have made substantial progress. I carb cycle with 150 carbs 5 days a week and 300g 2 days. I have lost several lb on this going at about 1.2lb a week. I am trying to diet for another 4-5 weeks losing the same.. Any tips to ensure I lose mostly fat? Im doing 20-25 mins cardio pwo at incline and taking BCAA's while on the tread mill. im eating clean Tuna, Oats, and whole wheat pasta. according to digital calipers im 11.1 and real caliper skinfolds im 14.1. So im somewhere in between there. So a good 3% drop in bodyfat would be nice. 8.1% and 11.1% respectively.

  2. You definately do not look 14.1%....Yeah man I'm on the tail end of my cut, and my body is being pretty stubborn. I'm going to start upping the cardio and I started taking sesamin oil, hopefully it does the trick...Good luck d00d

  3. Looking into something like Green Tea, CLA, Sesamin or maybe some DCP if you hit a plateau over the next few weeks. Also HIIT sprints are how I shredded down to 5% last summer.

    It seems like your plan is working thus far, give it another few weeks and you should get there.

  4. avatar is actually less muscle more fat than im at now.. im lower now than i was then

  5. I am where you are right now. 11-12%. Here is what I am doing for the next 3 weeks (i have a vacation i am going on.) 5min warmup on eliptical, then 10min all out high intensity level 5, then 20-30min low intensity. My HR usually hovers around 175 for the 10min. On lifting days I have been doing 5 min high, 2 1/2 low, 5 min high, then a cool down. Makes the session go by very fast as i HATE cardio.



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