Help Please

  1. Help Please

    Okay so here is my problem started out 8 months ago with cardio and weight lifting. Starting weight 353lbs don't know what body fat was but sure it was high. Anyway after 8 months have dropped to 288. Goal weight is 225. I am 6ft and feel this is a good size to build back up from. Workout is 45 minutes of cardio. Followed by 1 hour +/- weight training. Day 1 is Chest/tri,Day 2 is back/bi,Day 3 is legs/shoulders, abs every other day. Only problem is i have been stuck at this weight for two months. Diet has not change. 7 eggs for breakfast, Two grilled chicken breast for lunch, and two grilled breast for dinner. Gallon of water a day. Only supplement I am taking is Nutrex Lipo 6X. Cardio started out at 30 minutes and have been told to increase it but still no results. PLEASE HELP.

  2. you need to find a daily caloric needs calculator and find out how much you need to be eating. Then go from there.

  3. Your diet definately needs a change, you should be eating 6-8 small meals per day instead of just the 3 your on now. Your also eating a very very small amount of calories and zero carbs which I can assure you is doing nothing but killing your metabolism. Check out Ruggers cutting guide and search the forums for some better diet and training options.

  4. You need to add more food to your diet. You're not eating enough. Add at least 2 small meals to your diet.

  5. 6-8 small meals like said above, make sure you keep that metabolism humming...

  6. Thanks, the small meals what should they be more protein, and would a protein shake count? Sorry to be so ignorant but want to do this right so that i don't put the weight back on.

  7. a shake could count but whole food would be better. You need to read more and look at the big picture of your goals. Look up some john berardi stuff and do some research. Sorry, but I can tell you havent.

    But yeah i were you a protein source and some veggies.

  8. I would tell you to shake up your cardio in addition to following the advice on your diet. Do no more than 30 min. of high intensity interval training like sprint work and do that early in the morning. This helps ramp up your metabolism for the rest of the day. I tend to be a little stronger in my workouts later in the day, so I do my sprint work in the morning followed up with weight training in the afternoon/early evening.


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