Cutting Fat

  1. Cutting Fat

    So I want to cut fat at my love handles. Diet is in order, cario three times a it's time to add a chemical.

    I have some ephedra but I'm afraid to use that because it would show up as an amphetamine, and I am drug tested monthly.

    Next comes albuterol and clenbuterol, which is easier to obtain? I know I would get better results with clen, but I'm really not wanting to do the whole WU thing.

    Help me please. :-)

  2. Why not Palo Alto Lab's Leviathan, or USP's Recreate?

    I've used ephedrine / albuterol before, I like albuterol, but the above LEGAL products work fine too...

    That way no worries about drug test..

  3. Buy a legal fat burner like the ones big casino recommended and do more cardio... your only doin 3 days, if your cutting you should be up around 5 atleast.

  4. Thanks for the replies.

  5. try more cardio before adding chemicals to your body you havent hit a plateau that hard work cant get you threw yet so start working your ass off and youll see results

  6. Worried about taking ephedra but want to take clen? LOL. Sorry.

    Anyways, try some leviathan reloaded, recreate, shred matrix, venom hyperdrive, rpm, or anabolic pump.

  7. add more cardio. Save the fat burners for later

  8. y not try some green tea extract for now and up the cardio then get into some serious stuff later. thats what im doing.


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