Fat under nipple/bottom chest

  1. Fat under nipple/bottom chest

    well i am drawing were i need to lose my fat. my main part right now i can worry bout my stomahc but whats bothering me is the fat under the nipple or were the bottom of chest is. what exercises and or what is there to do to really isolate that part to start working that fat off? ive been trying to focus on that but just kinda lost to get rid of it.. im working on my hest then working my way down to stomach.. i got top part of stomach decent anfd bottom needs work but what getts me right now is that bottom chest any ideas?

  2. It is impossible to spot reduce fat. You will need to lower your overall body fat percentage to lose that, alot of people hold fat around the nips and the lower abs until they are very lean. Diet and cardio are gonna be the only things that really help get rid of that, there are no specific excercises that can burn fat off your chest.

  3. damn just to lose the weight.. bah.. no magik injection to poke in there and suck it all out??? =P hey i know, just keep on diet and work hard!!

  4. The only thing you can do is add more muscle to the area and hence 'spread out the fat', making it less visible. Try some decline bench press and forward leaning dips. Other than that, it's all in the diet, my friend.

    Good luck.

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