yellow bullet fat burner

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  1. yellow bullet fat burner

    If you wanna lose massive weight try yellow bullet I forget the company name. But it has 25mg of epherdine, 300mg of caffenine and some other stuff. I went from 235 6 days ago and now I am 226. The stuff is awesome.

  2. I wouldnt put much faith in it. Its similiar to Lipodrene with caffiene and "ephedra" (ma haung)... and that kind of ephedra is weak as ****... id rather get broncalaid at walmart at 12.5mg per tab and dose 2 of those at a time with a 200mg caffiene pil... much more effective and cost efficent

  3. well put flawed

  4. Will broncalaid make you go through the same registering, etc, as vasopro does?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by bla55 View Post
    Will broncalaid make you go through the same registering, etc, as vasopro does?
    Not sure what you mean about the registering, but if it's for ephedrine, then yes. To combat the "methamphetamine war," and as meth is made via a chemical reduction of ephedrine, they restrict sales of it. They are concerned about people making meth, not people using it as diet aids though.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by bla55 View Post
    Will broncalaid make you go through the same registering, etc, as vasopro does?
    At the gas station I used to buy it from required ID and writing down address and signing, but at walmart pharmacy (which is a MUCH MUCH MUCH better deal) they didnt make me sign anything... haha i wonder what they thought i was doing... buying ephedrine and two oral syringes
  7. walmart

    So how much does that stuff and walmart run in price

  8. Im going completely off the top of my head but...

    at the gas station 24 caps of 12.5mg ephedrine HCL was about $8

    at walmart it was like 60 caps of 12.5mg ephedrine for i wanna say no more than like $12 or so

    and remember most people generally dose is at about 25mg per dose so you need to take 2 at a time... even 60 only lasts about 15-20 days or less depending on how many times you dose, i did well with working up to 3 times a day... usually do about 1-3 days at 1 dose, 1-3 days after that at 2 doses and then run about 1-2 weeks on 3 doses a day. I try to stay below 3-4 weeks so I dont burn my receptors out

    Good additions to that stack would be;

    A) Caffeine which is a steal at NP $3.75 for 100 ct 200mg tabs which should last you over a month easily

    B) Yohimbine which NP has a bad ass deal on currently. Two 100 ct bags for the price of one

    Everyone reacts different to Yohimbine so you wanna start at a low dose....

    If you have any other questions feel free to ask!

  9. alright let me ask u this since i already have the yellow bullet. i also have yohimbine. how can i stack those two together. i have a 3 week supply left so how should i does this stuff

  10. Well if yellow bullet is working for you now... then great! And i would probably stick with it for now even if you dont feel its affects anymore cause im sure its still working... if you want a lil extra boost you may want to throw in some yohimbine in maybe your morning dose or split it up... havent found the most effective way for me yet..

    they say .2 mg per body weight

    so for me thats about 22mg... but once again you want to asess tolerance... probably start at a low dose of 2.5mg and work your way up

  11. I am thinking of going to get some broncaid or primatene myself. Just curious, do you find the gaufenasin (spellling) to be an issue

  12. I honestly i have never noticed any difference

  13. I doubt you losed that much, but a few years ago, I tried therma lean, which was with Ma Huang. This was the strongest I have tried. You probably lost a lot of water on this.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by FlawedGrunt View Post
    I honestly i have never noticed any difference
    appreciate the feedback. I am thinking about picking it up to add to the end of my cut. I stopped by my CVS on the way to the gym, they have a 60 count bronkaid for only 10.99, which is a solid deal.

  15. yeah thats real good. I would pick it up. as long as its 12.5mg or higher

    Keep us in the loop

    Good luck bro

  16. It was actually 25mg, which I was stunned with

  17. WHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAT, Where is this at? i need to gets me some of that


  19. Ephedrine sulfate

  20. hmmm im not sure of the difference... i know HCL is good **** but im not sure of the sulfate, that will be up to someone else to answer ha

  21. I had read that both HCL and/or sulfate were the kinds to get, would love to hear some other thoughts?

  22. Well since no one on here could give a solid answer I did some research and came up with this.....

    Ephedrine HCl is approximately 82% ephedrine by weight.

    Ephedrine sulfate is approximately 77% ephedrine by weight.

    25 mg ephedrine HCl = 20.5 mg ephedrine

    25 mg ephedrine sulfate = 19.25 mg ephedrin
    Taken from post Ephedrine Sulfate vs. Ephedrine HCL

    That helps a little bit, would still like to hear from others though

  23. thats fairly close in terms of value. Seems like a good buy at 10.99

  24. yeah a couple people in that thread said the gaufes(forgot how to spell) is no good but i never noticed any problems with it

    I got my best fatloss from Lipo6/Ephedrine HCL (the minithin liquid gels)

    had to eat something before i took it though... man ephedrine and yohimbine mixed does some nasty **** to my stomach... puked on myself on the way to the gym once in my car... that sucked!

  25. years back prior to the ban, I used many different Ephedrin based prodcuts with amazing results. I might give this a try down the road. I have not heard many bad things about Bronkaid


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