1. Calories

    ok, Im on a 2500 calorie to 3k calore diet a day. trying to cut up also. i just went to the store had the lady cut me lunch meat thick each slice weighs 4 oz. how many calories can I substain on each meal? like at 10 o clock.. will just 4 oz of the lunch meat be fgine.. tis botu 224 calories with 32 gram of preotein. should i eat some pecans or walnuts with it? if i calculated right each meal if i take in 6 times a day should roughly be 414 calories.. but give or take on other food.!

  2. i like to keep my protein intake constant throughout the day. just keep your starchy carbs earlier in the day and post workout. as the day goes on switch to more fiberous vegetables. it doesnt really matter how late you eat as long as you're eating the right types of food

  3. o ok.. that will work.. yea im trying, and im trying to keep most stuff im eating just lean.. eating boars head meat from deli dpeartment cut up 4 oz a slice. get veggies and get almonds and nuts and walnuts.. eat them throughout day. and for dinner i finish with steaks and salads or fish and salad,

  4. sounds like you're on the right track, best of luck.

  5. thank u.. and if i can ever remeber to take my camera from work and i can set up a log in here.. but i am lazy on that part.. damn.. im a do it today..!



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