Ephedrine & Niacin and Ephedrine & Hairloss

  1. Ephedrine & Niacin and Ephedrine & Hairloss

    Didn't want to make two threads so gonna ask both questions here.

    If ephedrine constricts your blood flow, wouldn't taking niacin cancel out its effects?

    Since I've started taking my EC stack I have noticed that I have more hair falling out then usual. I am not MPB prone, and I not on any anabolics/androgens. Could the constricted blood vessels be impeded blood flow to my scalp??

  2. Can't answer the niacin question, cant tolerate the stuff so i steer clear.

    I highly doubt Ephed causes hair loss. If it did, i would have been bald ten years ago.

    The vaso constriction is only a short term effect, unless you were on 24/7 I can't believe it would impact hair.

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