Is It Macros Or Total Calories

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    remember that the best dieticians of the 70s and 80s thought that dietary cholesterol affected serum cholesterol, and that low fat diets (below 10%) were better for you... So what todays best dieticians say I also take with a grain (maybe a few grains) of salt. But to inject some comedy

    Was that quote from Independence Day? LOL

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  3. hmmm damn thats lot of info to digest in this thread. If I was the OP i'd be confused as hell by now. LOL I think a little personal experimentation is in order. Just stick to the basics and some common sense and adjust if you don't like to results your getting.

    Eat lean proteins
    Eat good fats
    Watch your carbs
    Don't gorge yourself
    and excersize

    I tried the "scientific route" with the bmi and all the crazy caloric calculations. But at the end of the day, I ended up just eating

    chickenbreast/broccoli/oatmeal/protein shakes

    LOL I am admittedly a noob so maybe this is "noob advice" but so far i'm down 23 pounds and 3 inches on my waist in 6 weeks while i've added 15 pounds to my bench and a 1/2 inch to both my arms. IN MY OPINION, I don't think weight loss is that complicated. Just eat lean and work hard.

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    You're absolutely right. BMI/BMR are worthless IMO. One does not need to count calories but tracking food intake is at least required. If you are not losing weight, eat less or exercise more or both. If you are losing weight you're doing fine. But that is for weight loss. For those who are over weight and or obese it is indeed very simple.

    The thing with bodybuilding is that nutrition optimizes fat loss as opposed to just weight loss. The idea is to lose only body fat and retain LBM. Calories, macro nutrition, carbohydrates, nutrient timing are critical in the optimization of losing body fat and retaining LMB.

    At the end of the day if I am not a pro or a competitive bodybuilder it is obsessive compulsive behavior...

    ...hence we body build anyway
    We live in a time where our planet suffers from two epidemics simultaneously - starvation and obesity.

    Look at all these little kids taking care of the music biz, don't their business take good care of me.

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