1. FooD!!!

    Trying to figure my eating right now, say for like 10 o clock and 3 oclock for when i am cutting can i eat like 3 or 4 oz chicken breast for 10 o clock or 3 clock meals? or is that to much or to less. like for breakfast i had a wheat bread with ham and swiss cheese and mustard with a whole pear. then round ten i was gonna do 2 scoops of protein and 3 oz chicken breast, then at 12 eat chicken chunks and a banana , then round 3 eat take in 2 scoops of pretin and 1 can of tuna fish, then for dinner eat a steak and green beans.. does this sound bout right for cutting or? i know u need the calorie portion of this but i want to see fi that if im on the right track fro cutting and if not.. am i suppose to do 6 meals or 3 meal and 10 o clock and 3 o clock suppose to be smnacks or what?

  2. Food is food, if they're smnacks or meals depends on your schedule and calorie needs, yes you can have 3-4 oz chicken or you can have smnacks, all depends on your diet.

    Learn how to type or refrain from PWI.

  3. you always need a small meal every 2.5 to 3 hours. it should consist of, by day, a good balance of carbs/pro/fats in a 40/40/20 split. however, after 7-8 pm, you should drop the carbs way down and eat primarily pro/fats and satiation-bringing veggies.

    a caloric defecit is all you need to incorporate with this info. so do these things and make sure you eat less calories than you need to maintain. and you should lose. but it's so much more complex than that for a lot of us. and i don't have a lot of time/knowledge to tell you on it anyhow.

  4. What are your stats? how big are you? eating 3-4oz of chicken might not be nearly enough when cutting if your carrying a fair amount of muscle. Keeping your protein high is paramount, especially when on moderate or low carbs. I usually take in 6-10oz of whatever meat source Im eating per meal. Also eating a whole can of tuna along with two scoops of whey at the same time for your 3oclock meal is kind of a waste, thats around 80-90g of protein in one shot, it would be better to space that out a little more throughout the day to balance out your diet.

  5. i am 190 weight. ive been bullking. for like 8 weeks. so i have been heavy lifitng as well.. i wanted to maintain a 2k to 2500 calorie a day so i can keep m muscle. and lose the fat i got stored. is bothering me now. kept gettig bigger but fast wasnt going. im taking bout 1.5 gram my body weight rigfht now.. is frruit good with my tuna? ive been eting pears. i got a fit day and see how that goes...

  6. Im not real big on fruit when Im cutting personally. I would eat something like a tablespoon of natural peanut butter or 1oz of almonds or something along those lines with it. But the pear would be fine and also very healthy, alot of antioxidants and vitamins.

  7. o ok.. yea i bught ,myself a bag of whole natural walnuts and pecans.. i can just do those tomarrow as well.. what are some good vitamins to use for cutting.. i use mutli vitamin, some heart vitamins, NAc, some omega 3,6,9, bcaa and l- glutamine, and vitamin C and hawthorne berries. i take all them every day. should i keep tting and take? or lay off for a lil bit.. beenon them for bout 5 weeks now.. except bcaa and glutamine. ot sure if i should rfill or not. and can i tke them everydya?


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