Help with eating at Restaurant

  1. Help with eating at Restaurant

    Ive been eating all week right now clean and healthy, i had me a blueberry shake this morning which consists of 8 oz milk 1 cup non fat yogurt, 1/4 cup of oats, banana, 3/4 cup of blueberries and 2 scoops of protein. at 8:30 now reaching round 10: 10:30 i will eat a bowl of fruit or 8 oz of wedding soup if ok? then at 12 my paretns wants to go to an indian rest. well im kinda nervous i started to do my cutting cycle and monday was my frist day on it. and i dont want to fall off, is there anything yall know of at indian restaurants that i can eat and do i eat half the meal and save the other half for 3 o clock? which meals i should look for? i was on a low carb and high fat and protein all week and now weekend i will hit high carb for saturday and sunday.. any take son this. any help would be really gratwefull thank u!!!!!!

    also this restaurant might be a buffet just for saturday and sunday. but not sure and if so take this in considerations


    here is what ive been keeping track of for the past 3 days, btu started on this monday. so i guess 2 days into it doesnt count cause i never actually counted. but this is a start.

  3. If I am not mistaken, tandoori chicken (white meat) is not so bad.
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  4. if they send me tandori chicken with rice and veggies just eat bout half the plate? i know i'll prob want rice and veggies, yea just didnt want to mess up my cycle right now..=/ u know i would be kinda frustrated

  5. cheat day!
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  6. Or just tell them to hold the rice. Usually, well never mind, sometimes when I'm out to eat with people I'll just ask for 2 grilled chicken breast with no seasoning, no nothing on it with a side of broccoli. I get a weird look from the waiter/waitress but they should make it for you. The meal is usually like $6-8. So about the same as other meals at a local diner.
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  7. hehe not bad, my only concern it might be a buffet and the chicken breast is out .. so i might jsut end up getting chicken like u said and put it down like it is 2 chicken breast, just take a guess on the amount, hopeuflly i would think i full plat consisting on side of it chicken and get veggies and another side and that will be fine. parents might be mad me eating at a buffet with one plate..=P but that got to take in consideration what im trying to do as well.

  8. just eat slower than eveyone else, they might not even notice how much your eating either. go for small portions and spread it out on you plate so it looks like more. might work
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  9. good idea. thatt'll work.. sounds good.. be leaving here in a few min round 10:30 had a bowl of fruit and hand full chashews nots enough for snack right?

  10. The problem isn't usually the foods that you are ordering but rather the way in which they are prepared. A lot of restaurants will use products like "whirl" or "beyond" which is a butter substitute that smells and tastes like butter but (yes this is actually possible) is much worse for you than butter.

    If you do not order your vegetables steamed, expect them to be covered in that type of product.

    Eating at restaurants has become a gigantic epidemic because companies don't care about the average consumer like they did at one point in time. They want the fastest product possible at the cheapest rate they can purchase for without any regard to the health of the consumer.
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  11. well just got back from indian rest. and it was a buffet. i was amazed.. was one opf the better cleaner places ive been too plus we sold them the restaurant equipment..=) but i asked them how they prepared it.. they did have some creamed based sauces mixed with chicken , they had rice and lamb, the rest of the stuff was chicken but in curry and processed vegetable into like a purree with seasonin. they said they use all high grades oil and no deep fryer. and use a piuta type bread. they r health conscious as well and use beans. we sell restaurant equipment and we know owner so it helped and he is real nice.. so showed me the ones that wasnt heavy creamed base. and i had bout 4 small bowls meanin bowl size wasnt 4 oz. like lil bigger than a fruit cup. and my plate consisted of rice chicken curry bout 6 pieces small chicken leg, 1 piece of the bread. and 4 pieces of lamb. hopefully that wasn't to bad for a lunch.. and the 4 bowls i didnt finish completly but my fit day doesnt have indian food on it..=/


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